Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Out of Kettle Corn

Well it is Tuesday morning (my Monday this week since I took yesterday off) and just consumed my last mini bag of kettle corn (these are one of my saving graces while doing weight watchers!) I sent my husband a frantic text to which he replied "annnnddd?" ummmm AND I NEED more Kettle Corn! LOL....

Not too much happened this past weekend besides hanging out with our friend who is visiting which included a trip to see Toy Story 3 in 3D...I totally cried! Also went to the Ludacris concert with my friend Elizabeth last night where we danced liked fools and let our thuggish sides come out ;) I also indulged in a corndog, butterfly chips, and a couple beers (which I swear increased my milk supply 10 fold but could have been how many hours I went without nursing/pumping as well haha).

I did however manage to get all the decorative paper cut and inserted into my Week in the Life album yay! It is a start! This week I hope to get journaling cards inserted and perhaps some pictures printed. I will share some pics once I have a few more elements in the book as still looking really sparse at the moment!

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  1. Heyy girl you totally won the piggy paint giveaway!!! your email didn't work for me so please email me at corpesa14@yahoo.com and i can forward your info to piggy paint!