Saturday, June 12, 2010

3 Months

This month you have started getting more personality which we of course love! You smile all the time and have done so good with sleeping and eating! You are not a fan of too many daytime naps which frustrates Daddy some days, but overall you are a great baby who doesn't give us too much trouble (yet!). You have had a few rough nights this past week but to be honest even what we think is rough really isn't....our idea of rough is when you don't go to sleep until past 10 haha....once you are down for the night though you do stay asleep almost always until I wake you at 5 to nurse. Once in awhile a 3am feeding will sneak in but overall you have been sleeping through the night since about 5 or 6 weeks!

You average 8 feedings a day still that is a combination of bottles by daddy and then of course feeding off of mommy :) We have been so lucky with how the breastfeeding has gone! I really have not had any issues besides a few bruises when I haven't realized you were latched on in the wrong spot!

You love that daddy brings you on walks each day but now that big sister is out of school we are going to have to go on family walks in the evenings instead (which I am looking forward to!).

Still no real laughing yet but you sure are trying! You also haven't quite figured out all the cooing get some out once in awhile but then it is like you forgot how you were doing it haha I am sure you will figure it out for good real soon!

 These photos were taken at 3months1day but I figure that is darn close enough! Not as many smiles as last month but still some cute ones...

Pretty Blue eyes!
Letting me know she is all done with this photo shoot!

The End

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  1. She is super super cute! Love the little tutu (and I almost bought those monthly stickers for Victor's shirts, but never got around to it, they're great though!) She has a nice head of hair too (takes after daddy's colour I imagine?)
    Our babies are growing so fast!