Sunday, June 13, 2010

Week in the Life-Saturday

Ok yesterday was the first official day doing this project and it worked out nicely since I also had to do a day in my life to make a photo slideshow for my mommy board :)

First things first if you take on this project here is a word of warning: BE CAREFUL taking pics while driving! I came quite close to rear ending an old man who decided to stop at a yellow light (thankfully I was slowing down to stop but not paying attention that much while taking a picture as I thought he was going through the light!) YIKES.

I have came up with a way to sort to make it easy when it comes time to order my prints. I made 3 folders designated wallet pics, collage pic, and big pics aka the 4x6's. So without further ado here are the pics that made it for day one! (Click on pics to see them larger)
The Collage

The wallet sized ones

The daily opener

The pic of the day

OK I LMAO every time I look at this picture so I had to make it a featured picture. My oldest decided she wanted to hold her baby sister while I made us a special bedtime snack of cinnamon rolls...all of a sudden I hear her yell out that Lainey puked and then came out to her crying which then made poor Miss Pukester start crying as well LOL. Lainey got not only her sister pretty good but the couch as well! YUCK

And in Genevieve's fashion our dailies

What we did
  • I went and waited in line for Project Fresh where I got some coupon vouchers to use at the farmers market to get free local produce
  • I met one of my friends for lunch at Applebees
  • I went to Target (got a bathroom rug and 2 new handtowels), Hobby Lobby and Joanns (got some scrap goodies)
  • Realized that the bathroom being orange has now made me very attracted to all things orange!
  • Came home and noticed puddle under fridge (praying it is not going out as it's pain to get landlord to do anything for us!)
  • Gabby played all day with her friends Zach and Kaylynn
  • Made eggsalad for Gareth
  • Gareth finished painting in bathroom
What we ate
  • Me:banana,chocolate pb protein bar, diet coke for breakfast, at applebees I had honey bbq boneless chicken wings and a side salad with ranch lots of water to drink, snack lite string cheese, can of mountain dew typhoon and more water, dinner whole wheat rotini with homemade "angry pasta" sauce, more water, cinnamon rolls for bedtime snack OOPS!
  • Gareth:pb toast for breakfast,bean and cheese microwave burritos for lunch, whole wheat rotini with "angry pasta" sauce for dinner, beer coors lite, and I am sure several cans of diet coke and mountain dew 
  • Gabby who the heck knows what this girl eats half the time! What I do know cheerios, waffles with just butter,popcorn,freezepops,lays potato chips, cinnamon rolls (that is prob about it and same she will eat prob most days!)
What we Watched
  • Gareth:World Cup game England vs U.S. and then he played Xbox later in the evening
  • Me: Big Love Season 3 episodes 9 and 10 (onto season 4 next yay!)
  • Both:Scrubs 
Muggy and Sunny and it got to a high of 77 so all in all a gorgeous day! 

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  1. Awesome start, and smart girl for having them all organized already! I will have to do that this week...and I like that you chose a 'photo of the day' (will it be a 4X6 in your album?) Can't wait to see the rest of the week!