Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Out of Kettle Corn

Well it is Tuesday morning (my Monday this week since I took yesterday off) and just consumed my last mini bag of kettle corn (these are one of my saving graces while doing weight watchers!) I sent my husband a frantic text to which he replied "annnnddd?" ummmm AND I NEED more Kettle Corn! LOL....

Not too much happened this past weekend besides hanging out with our friend who is visiting which included a trip to see Toy Story 3 in 3D...I totally cried! Also went to the Ludacris concert with my friend Elizabeth last night where we danced liked fools and let our thuggish sides come out ;) I also indulged in a corndog, butterfly chips, and a couple beers (which I swear increased my milk supply 10 fold but could have been how many hours I went without nursing/pumping as well haha).

I did however manage to get all the decorative paper cut and inserted into my Week in the Life album yay! It is a start! This week I hope to get journaling cards inserted and perhaps some pictures printed. I will share some pics once I have a few more elements in the book as still looking really sparse at the moment!

Thursday, June 24, 2010


*This is a complete random blog of random things in my head this Thursday morning

Well I went and donated a couple boxes of stuff at a thrift store this morning and was running early for work afterwards. If I am too early I cannot get into the office so I decided to go through McD's and try an ice coffee since they always look so tasty...not only did they take forever to get me my large vanilla ice coffee and hashbrown but then I tried it and umm EW. There is something to be said about paying more for real baristas that is for sure! I wish I would have gone to my usual gas station and gotten one of their cappucinos instead since I am never disappointed with those and they only cost like $1.40 or something for a large! Oh well live and learn aye?

Our friend Geoff aka Ginge (he is not a ginger but my husband has nicknamed him this regardless) arrives from England tomorrow evening and will be staying with us until July 8th. We are so excited for him to visit and meet Lainey his pseudo God daughter :) (we don't go to church but he is who we have named her God Father regardless haha). Such a great friend to Bear as this will have been his 3rd visit to us in past 2 years!

There have been so many tasks we have wanted to get done prior to his visit and whilst attempting to complete these tasks I have realized I really truly must have ADD! OMG for example here was me in our back yard the other night....
1.started clearing branches we chopped down and move them to front for removal
2.started watering a few plants I have actually planted
3.Started digging up a garden container box thing so I can move it to a better area
4.started piling up slate hunks I found in container box
5.went back to clearing some branches
6.went back to watering
7.yelled at the dog for digging holes around in the yard
this went on and on and don't think I finished any of the tasks except for the watering! Of course my gardening time is usually limited to an hour max before Lainey decides she wants more Mama time....and I always shower before I get her since I get dirty and buggy etc....so I only do one outside work session a night haha.

Other things I want to get done that are on the agenda for tonight are hang more pictures on living room wall as we are attempting a picture wall and then I found some paint in the basement for our nasty chipping front steps so I may see if that is any good and paint those tonight too haha....

My Week in the Life album will be on the back burner most likely until after Geoff leaves....I may try to cut some of the paper down and get all that fitted into it where I want it but that will prob be a miracle if I actually do that while he is here haha...never say never though!

Muffin has been at Brownie camp yesterday and today and also a vacation bible school at night so she has been getting grumpier as the week goes on! Think we will go see Toy Story 3 this weekend as we are due to be having thunderstorms and Geoff is dying to see it.....why is a grown man dying to see this you ask...well check out his rib piece....

Yup the guy is a bit of a nut but we love him for it hahaha!

Other things on the agenda for when he visits includes going to the gardens which I have mentioned before, carnival that is in town, art fair, the beach, various places to eat etc....Should be nice for all of us! I work of course but did take the next two Mondays off so that gives me a little vacation time besides just the weekends!

And then to end this random post I decided to share Lainey's Likes and Dislikes at the moment since I have been bad about updating her baby book so maybe if I start tossing some info into here I can transfer it to baby book eventually ;)

Lainey's Likes

*bath time (so cute last night I just held her beneath her shoulders and her bum and was having her kinda float around and she lovedddd it! so cute!) she is adoring her primo bath seat so much!

*seeing Mommy or Daddy peeking at her while she is in her crib (HUGE ear to ear grins)

*nursing of course LOL!

*her big sister talking to her

*this purple dinosaur toy that has teethers and dif textures on it

*starting to have more love for Sophie

*going on walks with Daddy in her stroller

*being in her sleepywrap or ergo but only if we are on the move (cannot sit until she is asleep haha)

*her Cure rockabye baby cd we put on repeat every night for her!

Lainey's Dislikes

*the moment between bath time and feeding time! I usually try to bathe her right before a feed so she is not puking up in the bath or directly after the bath so she is usually hungry...so she stays completely calm and happy throughout the bath but dang it she wants to latch on immediatley after the bath no worry about getting in her pjs and getting her hair brushed!

*being in the bouncer longer than oh 15 minutes tops! So excited for her to be big enough for her jumparoo as i know she will love it!

*having Daddy try to put her down for a nap that doesn't involve her napping on him! Weird as she lets me put her in her crib for naps on the weekends easy peasy LOL

Sunday, June 20, 2010

Week in the Life-Rest of the Week Pics

Ok since I changed format to take some photo finding stress off myself I am only doing one 5x7 per day now along with the mini pics and collage. So here they are for the rest of the week...

Daily Opener
The mini pics

the collage

Daily opener

mini pics

the collage

Daily opener

mini pics


Completion.... at least for now.... YAY! Now these collages and mini pics are not laid out exactly to how they will be in final project, I just put them up to share so I stay focused on this project :)

Friday, June 18, 2010

Week in the Life-Friday (LAST day!!!)

OMG I made it the whole week! Granted we had a couple days where we didn't get as many pics but this was such a great project and I cannot wait to see it come together! My album and page protectors are due to arrive Monday which works for me since no time this weekend to really work on it. Our good friend arrives from England next weekend so this weekend is all about tidying up and that includes my craft area since he is staying in our basement LOL! YIKES for me....

So for the last day....
Thoughts and To Do's

  • Me worked 7:30 to 4
  • Gabby got to go to a friend of a friends pool today bummed we don't have pics of that! 
  • Lainey had a rough whiney day Gareth said so we are def suspecting teething is starting....
  • Woke up to wind and thunder! It then cleared up and was muggy and sunny ALL day until I got out of work....go figure
  • I went grocery shopping after work I stayed under 100 bucks but jeesh it adds up so quick!
  • I bought sunscreen for me and Gabby! Need to get some baby safe stuff still
What we watched
  • Chelsea Lately 
  • 3 episodes of season one of True Blood (we have watched the first 6 I think now and they follow the books almost to a tee so far!)
  • As I said thunderstorms in the area but then lots of sun and mugginess....high was around 80 today! 
Tomorrow I may have time to sort through rest of pics to post but not promising with everything else I need to get done....
  • touch up paint in bathroom
  • find art to get printed and frame for bathroom
  • organize scrap stuff
  • get a few boxes ready to donate and actually load them into car and go donate!
  • throw away random stuff such as some boxes, glass from an old table etc we have in basement
  • find Gabby a swimsuit and Lainey sun umbrella or tent for the beach
  • farmers market tomorrow morning? Supposed to be storming so we shall see....
  • make photo copies of recipes from some library weight watcher cookbooks
Yup overwhelmed.............

Week in the Life-Thursday

Thoughts and To Do's

  • Me worked as usual
  • Gabby had brownies from 4 to 5:30 where she earned a new patch and they started their journey books for the summer
  • Gabby actually cleaned playroom after much protest, we let her know only way she could have her friend spend the night on Friday would be to get the playroom looking half way clean!
  • I went out and began the fun chore of digging up a corner area in back yard to get ready for planting
  • Planted (very quickly since Lainey of course started screaming her head off and Bear was busy doing dishes) a bunch of hostas that my aunt so generously dug up for me to have! 
  • Fluff mail! I received 4 pocket diapers from CowPatty Diapers along with a pair of yellow and white baby legs for Miss Lainey. This was a special free package to make up for a package I had ordered of misc diapers that I was really disappointed with. These seem LOADS better but still don't look quite up to par with another Mama made brand called CutiePoops that we have. Still excellent customer service which will get her far especially if she keeps improving upon her design! These ones also have all bamboo fleece liners and inserts which is great!
  • Ordered Lainey an amber teething necklace from an online shop called Inspired by Finn. Rumor has it that amber has soothing powers when it warms up against the skin...we shall see how it does for little Miss as she seems to be getting droolier by the day!
What we watched on tv
  • rest of Hells Kitchen episode
  • a couple Man Vs. Food episodes
  • Chelsea Lately
  • Sunny and high of 81...perfect for the beach and I was at work, sigh

Thursday, June 17, 2010

Week in the Life-Wednesday

Daily Thoughts and to-do’s

  • Went to go purchase Ludacris tickets (hey this white girl likes some booty music from time to time what can I say?!) but the woman forgot so I am getting them next week when she comes to our office (concert will be at our yearly summer celebration where we have a weeks worth of concerts and carnival, art show, etc…)
  • Thankful for not having to cook dinner tonight since we are going to my Grandparents for my Uncle Brad’s belated 50th birthday bbq
  • Thankful for all that my husband does! Been hearing about a lot of unhappy marriages lately and I am so happy with all Bear does for me and for the girls and around the house. Today he not only dusted and wiped down our blinds in our bedroom but also washed our sheets and re-made the bed up.
  • Longing to go to the beach! Need to get Lainey some sort of sun coverage though and Gabby a new swimsuit (I will be sitting this summer out in a sundress thank you very much!)
  • Really thinking about the backyard and how I want to get it at least more presentable this summer even though I most likely won’t plant much until next spring
  • Popped into library to pick up 3 books for Gabby to read and got her signed up for their summer reading program where she can win prizes (she was really excited!) I love that I have passed on my love of reading to her :)
What we watched on tv

  • Nothing really since we were at grandparents house! I watched a couple episodes of Losing It with Jillian Michaels (tearjerkers!)
What we ate for dinner:

  • Cook out at Grams! Hamburgers, potato salad, fresh fruit, corn on the cob, baked beans (I skipped the dessert in order to have more potato salad haha…Gareth and Gabby both had chocolate cake)
  • Who was there: Dad, Uncle Greg, Uncle Brad, Aunt Lori and Uncle Steve, Grandma and Grandpa, cousins:Rachel and her boyfriend Michael, Tyler, Jacob for a short while, and our family


  • Sunny and high was 72

Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Week in the Life-Tuesday

Since I came to my visual realization last night I don't have my pics prepared to share yet but will post a couple of my faves....
and of course give a guy a camera and you end up with shots like these....

What we did and thoughts:
  • Me-worked 7:30 to 4:00
  • Family...hung out around the house, did laundry,went on a walk, went to the park, Gabby met up with friends
  • Really wanted to be home organizing scrapbook stuff-truly hate that I have so much motivation and so many ideas when I am stuck at work then I go home and motivation is GONE!
What we had for dinner:
  • a homemade layered mexican casserole comprised of lean ground turkey taco meat,fat free refried beans, fresh chopped tomatoes and onions. Layered between corn tortillas baked with cheese layered on top and finished off with some guacamole and black olives for me YUM (leftovers for lunch too!)
What we watched:
  • Chelsea Lately
  • Hells Kitchen
  • Bachelorette
  • a bit hazier today and some sprinkles on and off and the high was 75

Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Visualization Error...

Well I just realized that I have been formatting pics wrongly for my Week in the Life album, I kinda forgot the fact that the page protectors the scrap pages will go into are double sided....DOH! I thought it through for the page that houses the opener and pic of the day but completely forgot to think that the 9 page pocket page and big page that will house the collage are both double sided!!!!

I freaked a bit but then realized that was just silly since it is not like I have ordered any prints yet and the problem is easily remedied. I plan to do of course a few more wallet sized pics for the pocket page and then a second collage with bigger pics (collage with less pics!) for the other side of the collage page....ahhhhh problem solved!

My husband the photographer!

I am so beyond proud of my Bear! I left my little sony cybershot home today for him to capture pictures of the day since my day at work is only so interesting each day....well he took over 150 pics and captured SO many good ones I have no idea how I am going to narrow them down for the day (might have to cheat and move some of the house ones to another day where I am lacking pics (like yesterday haha).

Week in the Life-Monday

Ok this is getting harder! Especially on days where we don't do anything and I am stuck at work all day! There is only so many pics I feel comfortable taking at work LOL Think I will leave the camera with Bear today and let him snap pics of the days events. Will be neat to see what he takes pics of as well! Woke with a headache since we stayed up too late. ACK. Here we go....and I only took like 39 pics total! After deleting a bunch sure didn't leave me with barely any decent shots!
Daily Collage
Daily wallets (not many!)

Daily Opener

Pic of the Day

building where I work Monday-Friday...sigh

What we did:
  • I went to work 7:30 to 4:00
  • Gabby played with her friends
  • Gareth and Lainey did some dishes and hung out
  • Made dinner when I got home which I did not like (I have a hard time eating chicken when I have to make it myself unless it is IN casseroles and such dunno why I am weird)
  • took a nap with Lainey
What we ate:
  • I came home and basically binged today as I was really sleepy and hungry....not lots of food but just bites of lots of food! Need to start having a cup of tea or something when I get home to help tie me over until dinner is done! Anyway made some chicken breasts in the oven with bbq sauce but I just didn't like the taste. Served up healthy baked fries with it haha....

What we watched:
  • First 3 episodes of season one of True Blood (If I hadn't read the books I don't think I could get into the show as a bit too many creepy vampires, call me naive but I like my Twilight vamps better haha!)
  • Again high was around 70 to 72 and sunny but hazy
Hopefully will have lots more pics to choose from each day for rest of the week! This project can be hard if you don't go out and do stuff on a daily basis LOL!

At work and Realized that not only do I not match at all today (at least 3 shades of brown and then black shoes LOL) but I also forgot to take anything for my headache I woke with and also forgot to put breast pads in my bra today….might be interesting! Will def make sure to get in and pump before it gets messy! I did bring my Canon Sx10is to play with a bit I really need to learn to use that thing off of auto mode anyway! Left the little point and shoot sony with Bear so hopefully between the two of us we get over 100 pics today to choose from :)

Monday, June 14, 2010

Week in the Life-Sunday

Not as many pics on a day where I didn't leave the house....shoot I didn't even get dressed or showered until after 8pm which is when I showered then changed into fresh pajamas haha! But hey that is what this project about...showing every day life! So here are the pics....
The Collage
The wallet sized ones (only 8 this time but will use the other pocket for journaling or whatever)

The daily opener

The pic of the day

Our dailies
What we did:
  • loaded pictures and sorted from day before
  • made a photo slideshow to share with my March 2010 mommy board
  • updated my blog
  • soaked our shower organizer in vinegar to get rid of soap scum
  • Gareth vacuumed and cleaned bathroom
  • I organized Lainey's clothes in her drawers
  • laundry
  • started sorting through Gabby's school stuff to put into her school years scrapbook (I have way too much and need to majorly narrow down!)
  • gave Lainey a bath using her new bath seat
  • watched a whole lot of Man vs. Food on the Travel Channel
What we ate:
Just going to put dinner now as I cannot keep track of what we all eat during the day since we all eat different things for the other meals. So dinner tonight was beef patties with onion gravy over mashed potatoes with green beans

What we watched:
Gareth watched World Cup game Germany vs Australia then he plated some xbox and then watched Grand Prix. Later we watched a marathon of Man vs Food 

Weather: once again sunny and the high was 72 so again a gorgeous day where we sat inside LOL.....we need to get to the beach!

Sunday, June 13, 2010

Week in the Life-Saturday

Ok yesterday was the first official day doing this project and it worked out nicely since I also had to do a day in my life to make a photo slideshow for my mommy board :)

First things first if you take on this project here is a word of warning: BE CAREFUL taking pics while driving! I came quite close to rear ending an old man who decided to stop at a yellow light (thankfully I was slowing down to stop but not paying attention that much while taking a picture as I thought he was going through the light!) YIKES.

I have came up with a way to sort to make it easy when it comes time to order my prints. I made 3 folders designated wallet pics, collage pic, and big pics aka the 4x6's. So without further ado here are the pics that made it for day one! (Click on pics to see them larger)
The Collage

The wallet sized ones

The daily opener

The pic of the day

OK I LMAO every time I look at this picture so I had to make it a featured picture. My oldest decided she wanted to hold her baby sister while I made us a special bedtime snack of cinnamon rolls...all of a sudden I hear her yell out that Lainey puked and then came out to her crying which then made poor Miss Pukester start crying as well LOL. Lainey got not only her sister pretty good but the couch as well! YUCK

And in Genevieve's fashion our dailies

What we did
  • I went and waited in line for Project Fresh where I got some coupon vouchers to use at the farmers market to get free local produce
  • I met one of my friends for lunch at Applebees
  • I went to Target (got a bathroom rug and 2 new handtowels), Hobby Lobby and Joanns (got some scrap goodies)
  • Realized that the bathroom being orange has now made me very attracted to all things orange!
  • Came home and noticed puddle under fridge (praying it is not going out as it's pain to get landlord to do anything for us!)
  • Gabby played all day with her friends Zach and Kaylynn
  • Made eggsalad for Gareth
  • Gareth finished painting in bathroom
What we ate
  • Me:banana,chocolate pb protein bar, diet coke for breakfast, at applebees I had honey bbq boneless chicken wings and a side salad with ranch lots of water to drink, snack lite string cheese, can of mountain dew typhoon and more water, dinner whole wheat rotini with homemade "angry pasta" sauce, more water, cinnamon rolls for bedtime snack OOPS!
  • Gareth:pb toast for breakfast,bean and cheese microwave burritos for lunch, whole wheat rotini with "angry pasta" sauce for dinner, beer coors lite, and I am sure several cans of diet coke and mountain dew 
  • Gabby who the heck knows what this girl eats half the time! What I do know cheerios, waffles with just butter,popcorn,freezepops,lays potato chips, cinnamon rolls (that is prob about it and same she will eat prob most days!)
What we Watched
  • Gareth:World Cup game England vs U.S. and then he played Xbox later in the evening
  • Me: Big Love Season 3 episodes 9 and 10 (onto season 4 next yay!)
  • Both:Scrubs 
Muggy and Sunny and it got to a high of 77 so all in all a gorgeous day! 

Saturday, June 12, 2010

3 Months

This month you have started getting more personality which we of course love! You smile all the time and have done so good with sleeping and eating! You are not a fan of too many daytime naps which frustrates Daddy some days, but overall you are a great baby who doesn't give us too much trouble (yet!). You have had a few rough nights this past week but to be honest even what we think is rough really isn't....our idea of rough is when you don't go to sleep until past 10 haha....once you are down for the night though you do stay asleep almost always until I wake you at 5 to nurse. Once in awhile a 3am feeding will sneak in but overall you have been sleeping through the night since about 5 or 6 weeks!

You average 8 feedings a day still that is a combination of bottles by daddy and then of course feeding off of mommy :) We have been so lucky with how the breastfeeding has gone! I really have not had any issues besides a few bruises when I haven't realized you were latched on in the wrong spot!

You love that daddy brings you on walks each day but now that big sister is out of school we are going to have to go on family walks in the evenings instead (which I am looking forward to!).

Still no real laughing yet but you sure are trying! You also haven't quite figured out all the cooing either....you get some out once in awhile but then it is like you forgot how you were doing it haha I am sure you will figure it out for good real soon!

 These photos were taken at 3months1day but I figure that is darn close enough! Not as many smiles as last month but still some cute ones...

Pretty Blue eyes!
Letting me know she is all done with this photo shoot!

The End

Week in the Life

Today I started Week in the Life a project by Ali Edwards. I was going to post pics tonight but I am also doing an all day photo challenge for a mommy message board I go on. So pictures from today will be posted tomorrow...I am already over 160 pics so this may be interesting to cut down!

I shopped today and got this paper to use on the project
and then solid cardstock in pink,orange,and green because I wanted a nice summery feel to it all! I had to order the album and page protectors as it seems they don't want to sell 8.5x11 albums anymore in the stores! So I ordered this album

I am so excited to see this project completed!!!

Friday, June 11, 2010


This was one of those weeks where Friday certainly has not come fast enough! Lainey has not slept the best this week and then last night I learned a huge lesson...do not nurse in the dark! Didn't realize she was latched on wrong until damage was done...woke with huge bruise right next to the nipple this morning: FREAKING OW! I know people have been through much worse but dang bruises in that area are no joke!

I need to do Lainey's 3 month photo shoot tonight (well my version of a photo shoot haha) and also work on re-painting the trim in bathroom. Bathroom is almost done and cannot wait to post finished pictures! So far I am leaning towards this shower curtain

I plan to look at Target and Tj Maxx this weekend though as well since I am having a hard time paying $38 bucks for a shower curtain LOL. Yeah I am cheap I admit it!

Tomorrow is also the start of Week in the Life scrapbook project I am taking on! Very excited to shop for supplies tomorrow and fingers crossed I can find what I need so I don't have to wait for an online order to arrive :)

Check in tomorrow evening for my first day of pictures!

Wednesday, June 9, 2010

The Muffin turned 8!

Doing this belated since I am a bit scatterbrained and forgot to do a posting...prob because I was so disturbed by the events! My sweet Gabby Muffin turned 8 years old I cannot even believe it! I would like to do a montage of pics of her through the years but I figure I will save that for her sweet 16 or her 18th ;) The Muffin wanted to have a slumber party and since I was never allowed to have them growing up I def wanted her to have one! So this crazy mother who also has a newborn agreed to letting her have a slumber party. O.M.G

Here are the heathens.....Muffin is in the stripes

She had 5 girls show up besides herself and these little girls were rude evil little things! Several were crying throughout the night, one was a major drama queen who wanted all attention on herself (which I ignored!), they talked back to me, etc...oh and get this...one girl whose mother I had just spoken with the day of the party shows up to a slumber party with a present under her arm...that's it! Yup no pajamas, no pillow, NOTHING! Which one you think pissed herself? You got it the one with nothing with her! Mom took over an hour to show up with fresh change of clothes and still NO pajamas or pillow (I mean she obviously had to go home to grab the kid some clothes right?!). Bear and I were VERY disturbed by the evenings events and also very grateful to learn that our own little Muffin Heathen is not nearly as horrid as we thought!!!!

Muffin (after a wardrobe change) with her bestfriend and the only one who we would allow to spend the night again LMAO
Mommy made the cake :) It was a hit!
The END of slumber parties....at least for the next few years!

Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Say it's my Birthday!

Yup another birthday is here....32 I am. Sigh. I have to say though I am mighty thankful for another birthday to celebrate and hope I have loads more ahead of me! Nothing too exciting on this birthday, I went to work and we got subway for dinner thanks to a giftcard my sister got me (she got me one for Applebees too which I will use Saturday). Got money that I will use for scrapbook goodies that I WILL use and that's about it. I am going to share some random pics today since I realize I have not put any on here in a while and I forget that since I post them all on facebook and our other online photo albums that I don't realize I haven't posted any here!
Totally random order here...

Fave pic of the girls right now

Check out that pout!

Bye bye Boring white Burp cloths! This was so much fun for Gabby and I to do and I have decided that any baby showers I go to now tie-dye burp cloths and onesies will be the go to gift! :)

Not sure if I did a birthday post for the Muffin aka Gabby so need to go check the archives and if not I am going to give that a post of it's own :)

Saturday, June 5, 2010

June Goals

Thanks Genevieve for motivating me to even make a list....

Paint bathroom (in progress)
Get shower curtain and a couple new towels for bathroom
Pick out white frames and art work for bathroom
Get journaling done in Project Life scrapbook before I am officially 6 months behind!
Continue eating healthier (I am actually getting all my fruit and veggies each day!)
Go to Fred Meijer Gardens while our friend visits
Get Father's Day cards(really should make but I am not going to get ahead of myself)

Thursday, June 3, 2010


Ever feel like your life is in a major limbo moment? This is how I have been feeling lately (maybe it is the post baby hormones?). One day I love my job the next day I feel bored and wanting more, but what?! Granted I would LOVE to be a stay at home mom but I know this is not happening unless my husband gets hit by lightning or something and realizes he wants to find a job haha. We decided long before Lainey arrived he would be a stay at home dad but hey I am allowed to change my mind right?! Don’t get me wrong I would much rather him be home with the girls than have them in daycare…just lately I have really been jealous and wanting to be the one home with them.

I know I need to be smart though and I realize that I am the one with the college degree which enables me to be the one able to work a job that pays more than what he would most likely find around here. But it’s a bummer!!!!

I don’t really want to do schooling at least not with having to work full time! I realized after 2 nights of class that it just was not going to work for me! So that leaves me with my bachelors degree in psychology to work with….doesn’t get me too far in these parts. I am highly considering applying to work at department of human services (aka the foodstamp/benefits place). They have an almost constant opening to be able to apply so I figure I may just try sometime this fall. It would be more money and I know I would be very busy every day…I just am scared to give up a good thing. My current job has an awesome atmosphere as far as co-workers go and it is really laid back. But more money would always be good too but I most def don’t want to sacrifice my mental happiness for more money ya know what I’m sayin? So here I sit in limbo….what to do what to do…..

In other news I managed to get the wallpaper down in our bathroom last weekend (what a freaking nightmare!) and we are left with THIS lovely color…

we feel as if we are in a trashy bar bathroom each time we go in there now haha! Bear is going to sand the walls down and get them primed this coming weekend and I cannot wait! Still haven’t picked out paint color but we know we want a bright cheerful orange!