Saturday, February 25, 2012

Random Purchases

I just love tax return time (or anytime I may end up with a little extra cash!) It allows me to make some random much needed purchases.

So what have I bought lately? Here's a run down in no particular order (and I will post pictures because that is much more fun then just a list right?)!

this t-shirt only in a green crew neck for our friend who visits usually twice a year (figured he deserved it!)
this exergen temporal thermometer because how rad that you don't have to stick it into anywhere on your kids yet they are supposed to be really accurate!
this black and decker 4 slice toaster oven because our toaster is crap so I decided being able to see the toast will be a great advantage and this thing cost same as I had spent on our current toaster! 

I have also been shopping crazy for my daughter's upcoming 2nd birthday! Here is what she will be getting from Mommy and Daddy
Bought Lainey- bilibo

Bought rainbow toy
She will also be getting a Bubble Guppies golden book and paint with water book (she is Guppies OBSESSED!) as well as some clothing! I like to spoil my kiddos what can I say? We won't be doing a big party though just a little one at home with grandparents and her aunt and uncle and cousin as well as her God father who is here visiting from England. 

I really think a pair of shoes are needed in this list of MUCH NEEDED purchases for Mommy so I am off to browse ;) 

What have you randomly bought lately?

Sunday, February 19, 2012

Cream Cheese Blintzes-Pinterest Inspired

So I have a recipe that I found and pinned that instantly brought me back to a childhood Christmas where one of my aunts brought these delectable confections to eat!

Here is the recipe I pinned Cinnamon Cream Cheese Roll Ups

Now this recipe on pinterest is actually a bit simpler than the one my family uses but I assume it would taste almost identical. Here are the step by steps of when I made mine...
Yes this white squishy chemical laden stuff works great for these!

take the crusts off and roll them flat

the mixture I put on the inside had cream cheese, sugar, vanilla, and 2 eggs

my assembly line: filling, flattened bread, melted butter to dip in, then sugar/cinnamon mix to roll in for final touch!

full cookie sheet filled plus a few more layered on top! Put into freezer for at least 12 hours
Bake at 450 for 10 to 15 minutes until golden brown then enjoy! Mmmmm! Gareth and I decided these would be even more lovely served with a dish of nice vanilla ice cream or I would like mine with custard drizzled over top!

These were our special Valentine's Day dessert and we had them along with another Pinterest recipe I tried for the first time French dip roll ups which I liked but what I really LOVED was this easy home made au jus! I did leave out the white wine (this pregnant Mama drank all hers up before getting pregnant haha) and I left out the flour as I liked the thickness of it I achieved without it. So good! My tips for the french dip roll ups is make sure to get THIN roast beef, I had the husabnd get it from the deli and although it was thin I think the pre-packaged stuff for sandwiches would have worked even better. The dough did not get all the way done on the bottom due to the thickness of the meat I used but again still were delish especially with that au jus!

Thursday, February 9, 2012

Firefly Diaries Weeks 4-17

So I have been doing little diary type entries since finding out I was pregnant, usually nothing that thrilling to others but just things I wanted to document for my own sake as well as for this little baby to maybe read one day too! Here are the entries I have done so far......

November 21st 2011 

This was our 3rd month trying for was also part of our original plan to create a July baby! We wanted a July baby for 2 is related to Mommy's work (I go into the schools during the school year so I didn't want to be on maternity leave during the school year if I could help it) and the second reason is so our birthdays could all be in a row! Lainey's is in March, Daddy in April, Gabby in May, and Mommy in June, and now you in July! 

So this was our first month we decided to give ourselves a little help and use ovulation predictors. We got a positive ovulation stick on 11/1/11......well on 11/11/11 I got my first positives on 2 different pregnancy tests! 

I surprised Daddy by getting a special ornament for Lainey for says "Middle Child" he opened it and was all "what is this?" I let him know it was actually for Lainey! He then figured it out right away and was super excited! We will give Gabby an "Oldest Child" ornament on Christmas day and then also let her open Lainey's "Middle Child" ornament for her way of finding out that she is soon going to be a big sister again! 

I have been feeling ok for the most part so far......I am not holding my breath since my first two pregnancies I had LOTS of morning (and afternoon and evening!) sickness! So far I have just had some sleepiness (Daddy said that is nothing new!) and some tenderness in the breasts (nothing too awful though). Some foods do seem to be tasting not good to me but no strong aversions really as of yet. 

I have my first doctor appointment on December 13th and I am sooo excited to get this pregnancy officially confirmed by the doctor (even though I have taken many at home tests to keep seeing those positive lines, even took one this morning!).

December 15th 2011

Well it is no shock that I have now started getting sick in the morning....are you another gorgeous daughter? Or a sneaky boy trying to trick Mommy? I have mainly just been nauseaous ALL DAY and NIGHT until bedtime but this week I have actually gotten sick the last few days in a row. No fun I tell ya!

My first doctor appointment went really well although it was quite uneventful. The nurse was very nice and talkative with me but she didn't even try to hear your heartbeat as she said it would be too early yet  She did say that if I cannot wait until my next appointment with the OB on January 12th I could pop in before then and have a listen  

I have to go get bloodwork done around Christmas sometime as well. Other than that nothing exciting to report except Christmas is coming which means we will be telling your big sisters about you as well as our other family members and friends! 

Love you firefly even if you are making mommy miserable right now.

December 28th 2011

Hey baby, well you have mommy getting sick in the mornings now but fingers crossed it isn't TOO bad. Usually just before I have had breakfast than rest of the day I am good with maybe a little bit of nausea to battle. I have been taking a medication called zofran the doctor gave me and it does seem to help but trying to not take too many a day. Yesterday I made it through with only taking one. 

Food is still hit or miss on what sounds and tastes good but I usually can find something to eat on. Lately it has been cheese and crackers, hazlenut turkish delight candies, and pretzels. Still loving pineapple too and also been craving crab meat rangoons which I finally had on Monday. 

Still haven't gotten my blood work done so I must get out and do that this week or for sure next week!

January 17th 2012

Well little firefly mommy had a scare on Sunday night! I was silly and moved around some furniture in the basement during the afternoon and by 4pm or so I was having a really bad cramp on lower right side that radiated upwards. I ended up waking at 2am still in pain and got really worried so your Daddy said I better go to the ER and get it checked out. The pain was not horrible but it was constant and didn't go away at all which is why I was so worried.

Went to the ER and they did an ultrasound really quick and I got to see you moving around like crazy! It even looked like you were brushing your hair out of your face at one point (so cute!). You also looked very big to me which was shocking as guess I didn't realize you would look so "baby like" already even though I should know better by now hahaha. They checked my urine too to make sure it wasn't a kidney infection or anything and that checked out clear as well so the doc checked me out and said most likely I had just pulled something or it was good ole round ligament pains giving me such trouble! 

Thankfully the pain was gone by 6 or 7 am and I ended up having yesterday off of work as well due to MLK day so that was nice to be able to rest! 

I get to see you again tomorrow morning for the nuchal scan and Daddy and your big sisters get to come too so we are all very excited!

Here you are approx 13 weeks on January 18th 2011

February 4th 2012

Well little firefly I should be 16 weeks pregnant now (I go to doc this next week so hopefully she will tell me what I was measuring at my ultrasound).

I am to go for the rest of my genetic blood tests today (quad screen and CF) as I should have gone a day or two ago oops! 
Not feeling you move around regularly yet which bums me out, I think I feel you then I go a long time it seems before I feel something again so then I just dunno if my mind is playing tricks on me or not. I am ready to start feeling you regularly so any day now little baby!

I am happy with my weight gain (or lack there of!) so far. Only up about 3 to 4 pounds according to the wii fit which has me at the normal or below normal range for what I started at as far as pregnancy weight gain goes so that is GOOD. Mommy is going to be on a weight loss and health mission once you arrive for sure! (I may have had Bernie O's hotwing pizza for breakfast today though shhhhh!).

Daddy and I are getting excited for tax return money to arrive since we have your crib picked out and are getting excited to set your little space up in our bedroom!

February 9th 2012

Well little baby today I had a check up today at 17 weeks along and found out that all the genetic testing came back normal, so that is always a relief to find out! Your heart rate was in the 140's and we get to see you on camera again on March 1st! Cannot wait!