Thursday, June 3, 2010


Ever feel like your life is in a major limbo moment? This is how I have been feeling lately (maybe it is the post baby hormones?). One day I love my job the next day I feel bored and wanting more, but what?! Granted I would LOVE to be a stay at home mom but I know this is not happening unless my husband gets hit by lightning or something and realizes he wants to find a job haha. We decided long before Lainey arrived he would be a stay at home dad but hey I am allowed to change my mind right?! Don’t get me wrong I would much rather him be home with the girls than have them in daycare…just lately I have really been jealous and wanting to be the one home with them.

I know I need to be smart though and I realize that I am the one with the college degree which enables me to be the one able to work a job that pays more than what he would most likely find around here. But it’s a bummer!!!!

I don’t really want to do schooling at least not with having to work full time! I realized after 2 nights of class that it just was not going to work for me! So that leaves me with my bachelors degree in psychology to work with….doesn’t get me too far in these parts. I am highly considering applying to work at department of human services (aka the foodstamp/benefits place). They have an almost constant opening to be able to apply so I figure I may just try sometime this fall. It would be more money and I know I would be very busy every day…I just am scared to give up a good thing. My current job has an awesome atmosphere as far as co-workers go and it is really laid back. But more money would always be good too but I most def don’t want to sacrifice my mental happiness for more money ya know what I’m sayin? So here I sit in limbo….what to do what to do…..

In other news I managed to get the wallpaper down in our bathroom last weekend (what a freaking nightmare!) and we are left with THIS lovely color…

we feel as if we are in a trashy bar bathroom each time we go in there now haha! Bear is going to sand the walls down and get them primed this coming weekend and I cannot wait! Still haven’t picked out paint color but we know we want a bright cheerful orange!


  1. Sorry to hear that you aren't happier with the situation, I can relate though, I thought so many times of leaving my job, even though for the most part I liked's just change is hard sometimes (especially when times are tough and you feel like you should be grateful for what you have, but that doesn't mean you can't pursuit happiness...) Also, please take pics of your orange bathroom, I'm thiiiis close to doing mine too!

  2. Thanks Gen! And yes I will post pics but it will prob take a while before it is 100% complete to my liking as far as pictures and new shower curtain (finances adn all so will have to buy stuff as we can). But yes I will post the freshly painted pics hopefully next week! Bear is sanding tonight and primering tonight or tomorrow and I will pick paint out this weekend :)