Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Say it's my Birthday!

Yup another birthday is here....32 I am. Sigh. I have to say though I am mighty thankful for another birthday to celebrate and hope I have loads more ahead of me! Nothing too exciting on this birthday, I went to work and we got subway for dinner thanks to a giftcard my sister got me (she got me one for Applebees too which I will use Saturday). Got money that I will use for scrapbook goodies that I WILL use and that's about it. I am going to share some random pics today since I realize I have not put any on here in a while and I forget that since I post them all on facebook and our other online photo albums that I don't realize I haven't posted any here!
Totally random order here...

Fave pic of the girls right now

Check out that pout!

Bye bye Boring white Burp cloths! This was so much fun for Gabby and I to do and I have decided that any baby showers I go to now tie-dye burp cloths and onesies will be the go to gift! :)

Not sure if I did a birthday post for the Muffin aka Gabby so need to go check the archives and if not I am going to give that a post of it's own :)



    p.s. i LOVE the tie dyed idea, i may steel the idea from you for when i have to babysit my friends "older" kids (older just meaning not toddler)

  2. Happy birthday, 32 isn't so bad! Also, the tie-dyed thing is awesome, way to go, if you had some really cheapo white cloth diapers (like the ones I have from Sears) you could even do that to them (not expensive ones though! haha)

  3. Yup that is what I used was cheap cloth diapers I believe gerber brand. That and then various burp cloths we had :)