Sunday, February 28, 2010

37 Weeks

SO I am officially 37 weeks pregnant as of yesterday :) to celebrate I not only sat in labor and delivery to get monitored (and I was correct I was having contractions every minute but nothing strong enough for them to give me my c-section, darn!), but I also took some self portraits of the big belly and then had some fun with them via here are my results...

Friday, February 26, 2010

Full Moon help a Mama out!

So this Sunday is a full moon....I also hit 37 weeks officially tomorrow on Saturday...I had my water break and had my first daughter at 37 weeks...

So come ONNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNN!!! As much as I want a March baby I am so dang uncomfy and just feel sick way too often right last weekend of February baby would be totally acceptable as well :)

If I could lay in bed all next week that would be glorious....but nope have to manage to squeeze into acceptable clothing and come sit in an office chair where my feet swell for one more week...ughhhhhhhhhhh

I can make it... I can, I can!!!

Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Really? I mean Come ON!!!

So not only did I almost pass out today at my 36 week appointment while doc was up in my lady business (humiliating much?) but now I also need to go for an ultrasound on Friday to check out my gallbladder....Seems my constant pain I have had for over a month now could be gallbladder related....oy vey!!! I mean we just got Bear's gallbladder removed in January!!!

Nothing is gonna shock me anymore during this pregnancy this point I would not even be surprised if they pulled a surprise twin out of me at my c-section LOL!

Monday, February 22, 2010

Muted Monday

love this homemade quilt my bestie sent for Miss Lainey

and the back of it

Wednesday, February 17, 2010

We have a Birthday set for Gummibear!

As of right now I am set to go in on March 8th for an amnio (eek) and if her lungs are good to go she will be delivered on March 10th :) I am very excited about her having a 3/10/10 birthday.

Of course if my body decides to do its own thing and me have her before that then all the better!!! I am soo damn uncomfortable these days I long to sleep comfortably even if it is only for 2 hours at a time!

I am on tylenol with codeine for pain in my upper right rib area that is supposedly plurucy due to untreated pneumonia/upper respiratory issues they finally gave me antibiotics for....Part of me is thinking she may have her hand all stuck up in my ribs though as dang that is what it feels like at times! It really HURTS to the touch from the outside and from the inside as well.

I go in to see my OB next Tuesday for the lovely end of pregnancy cervical check (UGH not looking forward to that since they aren't comfy anyway let along this far along in pregnancy!).

Have I mentioned how tired I am?

Monday, February 15, 2010

Muted Monday

I adore this man...I call him Bear and he ordered these all on his own...

Friday, February 12, 2010

Sick Days

Well here I am at home again slacking off from work. Luckily I only have 2 more phonecalls to officially make for the month and will be good to go if Lainey decides to arrive!

Went home early yesterday due to bad pain in upper right rib area. I figured it was from all my coughing (that I have been complaining about for months to my OB by the way and have been told over and over to just take mucinex..yeah it didn't work!). So I call into the doc yesterday and ask if they will please do a phone consult and call me in some sort of antibiotic...done. So took that last night and have like 4 more days to take it...but the pain was not getting better throughout the day instead felt like it was getting worse...

Made the mistake of asking about it on my pregnancy board and find out that it could be a symptom of HELLP syndrome which is NOT good and you could basically die from it! UGHHHH....I wasn't too scared though since I didn't really have many other symptoms since my blood pressure and urine have been completely normal throughout so far...but decided I would go into my docs sick call at 7 this morning just to be certain.

I had a half bagel with cream cheese for breakfast and no sooner had Bear taken the plate from me I was up and in the bathroom heaving it back up :( UGHHHHHHHHHHH so sick of all the puking I have done throughout this pregnancy! It is really amazing I have managed to still gain over 20 pounds, sigh.

Well go to docs and baby sounded good and doc pressed and prodded on my very tender rib area while listening to me breathe. He tossed a new prescription at me for tylenol with codeine in it and said to take that along with the antibiotic and mucinex too if I wanted! Jeesh...Said I had pluracy in the had to come home and look it up and it is when an area gets inflamed from an untreated respiratory infection or pneumonia! Ummm yeah again something I had been moaning about for months as I knew it was prob one of those things since I get pneumonia or bronchitis every year!

Doc said of course if I see any blood or start not feeling the baby move as much to go straight to labor and delivery....guess I really better get those bags packed!

At least we have almost all sorted now off my lists besides the bags being packed, further nursery decorating, and buying of the breast pump (which I found out my insurance does NOT cover so another expense for us oy vey!).

And yup Gen if you are reading this far I do only get 6 weeks off and the only time of it that will be 100% covered is any time I have managed to save up (so with all these sick days I will be lucky to have 1 week of full pay and then the remaining time will be I think 60% to 70% of my pay) SUCKS.

Sunday, February 7, 2010

The list is getting shorter!

YAY slowly getting more ready for the arrival! All we have left that I can think of at this moment that we need/want is...
rug for the nursery
more artwork for walls
changing pad
breast pump
get car seat installed
ergo baby carrier
then of course need to get my hospital bag packed and Lainey's hospital bag packed....
Wow getting a bit real now I reckon! 3 to 5 weeks left!

Saturday, February 6, 2010

Woodland Baby Shower

My sis did an amazing job capturing my love for owls and woodland themed goodies, for my baby shower celebrating the upcoming arrival of Miss Lainey Raine!!! She got a lot of the ideas from Hostess with the Mostess and re-used quite a few things Bear and I had for our wedding reception! It turned out soooo cute....

Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Maternity Leave Day Dreamin'

So scrapbooking related posts over on my expecting mommy message board has made me think of my "To Do" list I have been creating in my mind for when I am on maternity leave....I am hoping I am not getting too ambitious here but so far my list includes:

1.Get Gabby's school scrapbook updated (I have the awesome Becky Higgins school set so shouldn't be THAT difficult to get her caught up as she is only in 2nd grade haha)
2.Prep family 2010 scrapbook (getting the Project Life Becky Higgins kit so once again I can cheat so we have an easy scrapbook completed for our family by end of 2010)
3.Plan Gabby's 8th birthday party (I am doing a Magic 8 Ball theme) and get all decor sorted/made so we are set for it in May
4.get me and Bear's wedding pics printed out and/or made into an online scrapbook so we actually have tangible albums before we hit our 2 year anniversary in November
5.Work on a crochet project (since one of my resolutions was to learn how and I have yet to start)
6.Try and get some rest and get good breastfeeding/pumping schedule down before returning to work!

Have I mentioned how much I am ready for this little Miss Lainey to arrive? I know I am only going on 34 weeks but jeesh the days seem to keep going by sloweeerrrrrr and sllloowwweerrrr....

So what do you all think? Think I can manage this list? I am thinking all should be pretty simple except maybe the wedding photo project as that just overwhelms me for some reason. It is weird because we had a book made up for Bear's mum I did online, so I could always just order a copy of that for us to have for now; but I wanted something even a bit more special....if anyone has any good quick and easy wedding scrapbook solutions shoot 'em my way PLEASE!

Oh and I need to put in a post about my wonderful babyshower my little sister gave me this past weekend! It will be a photo heavy one as she did amazing on the decor :)