What will we Review?

Just about anything!! I love to promote working from home parents so I hope for that to be a big focus of my reviews/giveaways but we are open to anything from aerobics wear to trips to the zoo and all in between!! Here is a little about your prospective reviewers:

Steph aka Yadda Yadda mama- age 32 works in an office 40 hours a week, scrapbooker, cricut expression owner, full arm tattoos yet face of a soccer mom ;) , reader

Gareth aka Bear- age 33 stay at home dad who loves to play xbox360 (when he gets a chance!), reader, heavily tattooed head to toe yet you can catch him watching Greys Anatomy and chick flicks

Gabby aka Muffin- age 8 imaginative, reader, loves doing crafts and playing games

Lainey aka Lainey Bear aka Lainey Bug amongst other monikers- age 5 months loves being the baby and adores her family, favorites right now include Sophie the Giraffe and several toys by Manhattan Toys

Bruno aka the dog- almost 2 year old fawn boxer who loves peanut butter, enjoys walks, swimming in Lake Michigan,his Kong Wubba, and various other toys

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