Tuesday, January 26, 2010

32 Week Doc Appointment

Well doc appointment was pretty normal despite going to leave for appt I had a flat tire!!! I mean FLAT. So luckily a guy from work came out to put my spare on and got my Gram to come get me to bring me to my appointment haha!

Still measuring 2 to 3 weeks ahead. He said from the ultrasound all Lainey’s measurements were 50th% or higher so that is good and she is estimated to already be around 1800 grams so just under 4 pounds! I know those aren’t always right though but still sounds good to me.

I go for a bunch of blood work tomorrow for my insurance and he also wants to make sure my iron and vitamin c are improving and also to check my thyroid to see if I have gone hyperthyroid which also could be causing my heart palpitations I am having. So fasting tonight so I can get all that taken care of in the morning and then go back again to him on the 9th unless something funny comes up in my blood work I guess.

Lainey’s heartrate was still around 148 so all good there too. I let him know I was still aiming to have her in week 37 last week of February and he just laughed at me...hmmppffff....

Oh and my goal of course for insurance and for just me after I have her is to get out of the obese category I am currently in :( here I was thinking that was around 140 for me at 5'2"....yeah doc said he would like to see me aim for 118 to 130! HAHAHAHAHHA! I have seen 130 back in 2002 so that isn't tooooo far out of reach but I haven't seen under 130 since I was prob around 18 so this shall be an interesting journey!

Monday, January 25, 2010

Vampire Muffin

Seriously can the girl get any dang cuter? Teehee...what was even cuter yet though was when she went to put her 4th tooth under her pillow she said she had to sleep with her tooth fairy doll she has right on her chest in her arms so the tooth fairy knows "I respect her" LMAO!

In other news she has started selling girlscout cookies for her 1st time ever. We are excited and I really hope the girl manages to sell 100 boxes so she can get her 100+ cookie selling patch :)

I am growing more miserable by the day and broke down and ordered one more pair of maternity pants to hopefully get me through so I am not wearing the same pair every day to work...I also may have tossed in a spring/summer dress and a pair of khakis for post baby body heh heh.... ;)

Thursday, January 21, 2010

Dreaming of Spring...and Summer!

Yup majorly dreaming of spring and summer and not being pregnant the past couple of days haha! Hubby indulged me and ordered me these

so cute cannot wait to wear them :)
Other faves I have been ogling to tease me even more (since we are due more snow next week..boooooo)

Oh yes I am readyyyyyyyyy! I adore dresses and cannot wait to have a semi-flat tummy again and be comfy in some of these cute springy/summery frocks!

Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Other Ideas

Ok I am only supposed to be 31 weeks this week....I seriously think this little girl has other ideas and plans to come out sooner than later! We had an ultrasound Friday and Lainey is still a girl so that was good news haha. Of course the tech could tell us no other information so we have to wait until my 32 week appt on the 26th to go over measurements and estimated weight etc...

I am just not comfy though...AT ALL. I feel pain and pressure low I feel pain and pressure high....And I have a long torso! I know she is not ready to be out of me yet but I sure feel like she is 90% of the time!

Gabby (muffin) came out at 37 weeks so we shall see what Miss Lainey (gummi bear) has in mind!

At my lack of comfort level I am currently at I just cannot imagine walking around like this for another 5 to 7 weeks!!! UGH

Monday, January 18, 2010

1 resolution Failed already

Yup one of mine was to do the 365 photos challenge where I take a new pic each day....I have failed and wasn't even a week into it LOL. Oh well maybe next year I will be able to stay on top of it. Have had way too much going on this first month of the year that is for sure.

Pregnancy making me very uncomfy, death of my beloved Grandpa, houseguests, etc....

So have you already failed any of your resolutions? Fess up ;)

Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Stressful and Sad Times

First off may my Papa be sleeping peacefully (although he was never one to just lay around haha!).

He was an awesome man and Grandpa and Great Grandpa! He was 82 and had been very stubborn and refused cancer treatments. He was diagnosed with bladder cancer at least 3 years ago and remained active up until the last week or so. He went into the ER on Friday (by his own choice so we knew it wasn't good since he did NOT go to doctors too willingly) and was admitted straight into surgery to remove a huge mass from around his kidneys. He also had cancer filling his bladder and into his back and they gave him days to weeks. My uncle signed over that he would be admitted into hospice and he went there on Sunday. He was not doing well and was in an almost comatose state.

Luckily I was able to go visit along with many other family members. I was able to speak to him and tell him I loved him and that Gabby (muffin) was going to make him proud and learn a song or two on the harmonica he gave her. I saw a twinkle in his eye and he raised an eyebrow a bit so that was my closure I needed. Needless to say I could not hold it together and there were many tears and sobbing coming from this almost 8 month pregnant lady!

My grandpa then passed at around 11:45 that night with my mom and grandma on either side of him. His memorial will not be until first week of February since they are waiting for his minister that he wanted to speak to return from vacation.

In other news from the weekend....the good...

I rescued a greyhound doggy :) She came right up to our door and back fence (most likely smelled our boxer) and she was just bones (skinnier than even a greyhound should be). She had a collar and tags on so I knew she had an owner and she looked just freezing out in the snow. I lured her with some treats and got her inside out of the cold. Bruno was beside himself thinking we got him a buddy haha...she was not as impressed but tolerated him well.

None of the tags she had on helped me but she did have a tag saying she had a microchip. I posted on craigslist right away and received a call from a non-profit dog rescue place. The lady was kind enough to meet me so she could scan the girl and see what we came up with. Ended up she was 13 years old and the dog sitter let her get away! Luckily we got in contact with the owner and dog sitter and got them re-united! Felt good to help the poor thing out especially after learning how old she was as no way would she have made it on a cold snowy Michigan night!

The night I rescued the greyhound was also the night we had friends arrive from England! As I mentioned before Gabby had a temp and a cold so I felt bad about that but luckily their little boy also had a cold so that made me not feel so bad anymore :) Things have been going well but of course I am tired as can be with all going on...

I had my 30 week appointment yesterday and am still measuring 3 weeks ahead. I get an ultrasound on Friday (YAY!) to check size and dates and such again. I think it is normal though as Muffin came 3 weeks early so I am guessing (hoping) that Gummi Bear comes 3 weeks early as well as that puts her arriving around the last week of February! So even though my ticker says 66 more days today I know it is going to be less than that YAY!

Friday, January 8, 2010

Houseguests and Temperatures Oh my!

So tonight our lovely friends arrive from across the pond...yup our friend Geoff and his lovely girlfriend Linda and her 1 year old son Harry will be arriving tonight at around 9pm from England...now this alone is enough to put a woman in her 3rd trimester into a bit of a stressed out tizzy (is the house clean enough? Laundry done? Setting up sleeping spaces for both guests and the Muffin and dog (that will be moved downstairs for the next two weeks), do we have the right foods in the house? Oh need to run and get fresh guest pillows...etc..)

Well add on top of that the Muffin comes down with an awful snot filled cold last night!

Oh it gets better....then around 9 am we get a call from the school for Bear to go get Muffin since they report she has a temp of 102! He gets her and says it is still only saying 98 at home so who knows....but anyway now have the stress of maybe getting our house guests sick :( I feel awful but what can we do?!

And I am supposed to watch my almost 3 year old neice tomorrow evening so my lil sis can go out to dinner for her birthday! Fun times I tell ya fun stressful times haha :)

I am trying to stay positive though and know that I always seem to get myself worked up when it all works out in the end so I am just trying to keep smiling and brush it all off and see the cup half full and all that business....wish me luck!

Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Oh yes...a stroller to match the blanket!

Granted we won't be getting this gem until September since it is a UK color only but no biggie since it isn't to be used before 3 months of age anyway so we will just have it waiting for us when we get to jolly ole' England!

And yes we will make sure it has the new part so it doesn't amputate any fingers ;) hahaha!

Monday, January 4, 2010

Etsy Buy of the Day

Ok so I don't buy something from etsy EVERY day but lately I have been spending a pretty penny over there and it makes me sooooo dang darn happy :) Reason being not only am I getting totally cool stuff but also I am supporting buying homemade items which I think just rocks ;)
Today's buy was from RockerByeBaby whom I have been stalking for a bit and knew I wanted to purchase a blankie from for Miss Lainey...I got a great deal in her sale section on this RAD blankie!

I really need to stop buying stuff until after the baby shower but gosh darn it I cannot help myself :D

Friday, January 1, 2010

10 for the start of 2010

Saw this on other's blogs so here's my twist. 10 Things making me Excited/Happy/Gleeful and filled with joy already for 2010!

In no particular order....

1. That the American Girl doll for 2010 happens to be named Lanie! Of course spelled different then what our Lainey will be but still she WILL have this doll bought for her :)

2. The fact I just ordered my custom Brooke Van Gory diaper bag (still deciding on pattern of fabrics)

3. Seeing and spending time with good friends that don't live around here! My bestie Jen is in town this week from Germany and it has been so great to spend time with her! We are both pregnant and she is due a month after me!

4.Funny pics of our dog or even just our funny dog! He makes us giggle daily

5. All the belly bumping around that Miss Lainey has been causing, seriously the only part of pregnancy I enjoy!

6. Good food! I am trying to enjoy anything I choose right now as I know as soon as I give birth I WILL be seriously watching what goes into my mouth a lot more carefully....sigh

7. My body pillow, what would I do without you right now?

8. The sight of half built igloos and snowmen in our front yard....I am so happy and thankful for my daughter and that we will be having another one this year!

9. owls...nuff said

10. Almost anything in oceany blue colors! This color just makes me sooooo happy :)
And I think I need these for spring :)