Wednesday, June 9, 2010

The Muffin turned 8!

Doing this belated since I am a bit scatterbrained and forgot to do a posting...prob because I was so disturbed by the events! My sweet Gabby Muffin turned 8 years old I cannot even believe it! I would like to do a montage of pics of her through the years but I figure I will save that for her sweet 16 or her 18th ;) The Muffin wanted to have a slumber party and since I was never allowed to have them growing up I def wanted her to have one! So this crazy mother who also has a newborn agreed to letting her have a slumber party. O.M.G

Here are the heathens.....Muffin is in the stripes

She had 5 girls show up besides herself and these little girls were rude evil little things! Several were crying throughout the night, one was a major drama queen who wanted all attention on herself (which I ignored!), they talked back to me, etc...oh and get girl whose mother I had just spoken with the day of the party shows up to a slumber party with a present under her arm...that's it! Yup no pajamas, no pillow, NOTHING! Which one you think pissed herself? You got it the one with nothing with her! Mom took over an hour to show up with fresh change of clothes and still NO pajamas or pillow (I mean she obviously had to go home to grab the kid some clothes right?!). Bear and I were VERY disturbed by the evenings events and also very grateful to learn that our own little Muffin Heathen is not nearly as horrid as we thought!!!!

Muffin (after a wardrobe change) with her bestfriend and the only one who we would allow to spend the night again LMAO
Mommy made the cake :) It was a hit!
The END of slumber least for the next few years!

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