Thursday, June 24, 2010


*This is a complete random blog of random things in my head this Thursday morning

Well I went and donated a couple boxes of stuff at a thrift store this morning and was running early for work afterwards. If I am too early I cannot get into the office so I decided to go through McD's and try an ice coffee since they always look so tasty...not only did they take forever to get me my large vanilla ice coffee and hashbrown but then I tried it and umm EW. There is something to be said about paying more for real baristas that is for sure! I wish I would have gone to my usual gas station and gotten one of their cappucinos instead since I am never disappointed with those and they only cost like $1.40 or something for a large! Oh well live and learn aye?

Our friend Geoff aka Ginge (he is not a ginger but my husband has nicknamed him this regardless) arrives from England tomorrow evening and will be staying with us until July 8th. We are so excited for him to visit and meet Lainey his pseudo God daughter :) (we don't go to church but he is who we have named her God Father regardless haha). Such a great friend to Bear as this will have been his 3rd visit to us in past 2 years!

There have been so many tasks we have wanted to get done prior to his visit and whilst attempting to complete these tasks I have realized I really truly must have ADD! OMG for example here was me in our back yard the other night....
1.started clearing branches we chopped down and move them to front for removal
2.started watering a few plants I have actually planted
3.Started digging up a garden container box thing so I can move it to a better area
4.started piling up slate hunks I found in container box
5.went back to clearing some branches
6.went back to watering
7.yelled at the dog for digging holes around in the yard
this went on and on and don't think I finished any of the tasks except for the watering! Of course my gardening time is usually limited to an hour max before Lainey decides she wants more Mama time....and I always shower before I get her since I get dirty and buggy I only do one outside work session a night haha.

Other things I want to get done that are on the agenda for tonight are hang more pictures on living room wall as we are attempting a picture wall and then I found some paint in the basement for our nasty chipping front steps so I may see if that is any good and paint those tonight too haha....

My Week in the Life album will be on the back burner most likely until after Geoff leaves....I may try to cut some of the paper down and get all that fitted into it where I want it but that will prob be a miracle if I actually do that while he is here haha...never say never though!

Muffin has been at Brownie camp yesterday and today and also a vacation bible school at night so she has been getting grumpier as the week goes on! Think we will go see Toy Story 3 this weekend as we are due to be having thunderstorms and Geoff is dying to see it.....why is a grown man dying to see this you ask...well check out his rib piece....

Yup the guy is a bit of a nut but we love him for it hahaha!

Other things on the agenda for when he visits includes going to the gardens which I have mentioned before, carnival that is in town, art fair, the beach, various places to eat etc....Should be nice for all of us! I work of course but did take the next two Mondays off so that gives me a little vacation time besides just the weekends!

And then to end this random post I decided to share Lainey's Likes and Dislikes at the moment since I have been bad about updating her baby book so maybe if I start tossing some info into here I can transfer it to baby book eventually ;)

Lainey's Likes

*bath time (so cute last night I just held her beneath her shoulders and her bum and was having her kinda float around and she lovedddd it! so cute!) she is adoring her primo bath seat so much!

*seeing Mommy or Daddy peeking at her while she is in her crib (HUGE ear to ear grins)

*nursing of course LOL!

*her big sister talking to her

*this purple dinosaur toy that has teethers and dif textures on it

*starting to have more love for Sophie

*going on walks with Daddy in her stroller

*being in her sleepywrap or ergo but only if we are on the move (cannot sit until she is asleep haha)

*her Cure rockabye baby cd we put on repeat every night for her!

Lainey's Dislikes

*the moment between bath time and feeding time! I usually try to bathe her right before a feed so she is not puking up in the bath or directly after the bath so she is usually she stays completely calm and happy throughout the bath but dang it she wants to latch on immediatley after the bath no worry about getting in her pjs and getting her hair brushed!

*being in the bouncer longer than oh 15 minutes tops! So excited for her to be big enough for her jumparoo as i know she will love it!

*having Daddy try to put her down for a nap that doesn't involve her napping on him! Weird as she lets me put her in her crib for naps on the weekends easy peasy LOL

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  1. wow, this blog is all over the place huh? lmao. i sooo agree with you on the mccafe. our local one sent me THREE free coupons and i GAVE them away. ick ick stuff they got there.