Friday, November 9, 2007

Cold Season Has Arrived

Ughh full fledged cold kicked in last glands are so swollen feel as if I have steely marbles on each side of my is Friday thank GOD!!!! Not sure what is on agenda besides laundry and hopefully some Christmas shopping.

I really wanna get crafty but need some pics printed and stupid walmart online won't let me get into the online photo thing for some reason.....on the agenda to try again tonight when I get home. Happy Friday all!

P.S. 49 days until my man arrives!!! That is 7 weeks folks!!!!

Tuesday, October 30, 2007

Punkin Time!

Ok so they are not the best ever but we had fun so that is what counts! It was Gabby's idea to have the bow on the girl pumpkin heehee. And the one that is just open welllll it started as a ghost but ended up looking like a "cave" said Miss Muffin! heehee....The last one Gabby just decorated with a sharpie and did a pretty fine job! Such my little artist!
I have training this morning for work so half day of real work today, then tomorrow I get to go in late to work due to wanting to see Gabby's first school Halloween parade! After that I have orientation for work (even though I have been there almost 2 months now).
I am SUPPOSED to go see Dashboard Confessional on Friday night but people keep flaking on me so we shall see if it happens or not :( Fingers are crossed for sure!!!!

Sunday, October 21, 2007

Getting There!

Well just spent the past few hours organizing scrap stuff! I feel a lot better about it all even though there are still a few more areas to sort and label.. Here is how it turned out for now!

Here is what is hidden beneath the fabrics! Oh to have the funds so I can have all color coordinated storage so it looks all pretty set out in the open haha.....but for now this shall do! The shelving are free cubbies I got from a daycare that got new ones! They are super sturdy :)

Sunday Already

Man oh man ok it is Sunday. I must get scrap stuff organized and off the floor! Dad came to visit real quick last night and I was embarrassed to say the least the state of the apartment. He was all "Wow you sure aren't as clean and organized as you were in highschool huh?" OY VEY!!! I am really I am it is just I am in a state of transition here pops!
Got the wall in room painted but still need to do the cutting in which my silly self did not tape off so now have to tape off and do that part but otherwise I am DIGGING the peacock plume color!
Ok off to organize scrap supplies!!!

Friday, October 19, 2007

Clean up Clean up Everyone Everywhereeee

Oh yes this is what I am dealing with this weekend.....

and another view....

Think I have a wee bit of organizing to do in the whole scrap supply section of my place yeah? And this is in my dining my open plan apartment so yeah directly seen from living room here folks haha! Stay tuned for after pics......oh and I am broke so just working with what I got for the time being! Mister owl lamp is gonna be painted too along with a wall in my bedroom....can anyone say PROJECTS? haha.....let's see if I can get it all done this weekend!!

Sunday, October 7, 2007

Long time no Post

I really suck at staying with something...I am good at starting things but my follow through is lacking, to say the least. So it is amazing I am actually even doing this post! But I do love blogs and I always think in my head about things I want to post but then just never get to it!

So here I am getting to it! The summer is now officially over but not according to Michigan weather!


I have so many scrap projects I want to start and do but dang it there are just not enough hours in the day for this sleepy girl! I seriously think I am part cat and require 12 hours of sleep a night! Of course I am working my first full time since about 6 years ago so that is hitting me hard too. Cannot believe I have already been at my job a month this coming Friday! Pretty dang cool time is going fast as that means closer to Gareth arriving! 82 days right now until he arrives!!! Seems way too far away still but I know it will come quick especially with the holidays fast approaching!

Also this girl is back! One of my bestest friends Jen! What is cool about Jen is the fact we met while I was living in England and turns out she is from 20 minutes away from where I am from! Her hubby is off to Korea for a year so she has decided to move back here for a year! I am ecstatic to have her around and so is Gabby! She also has some plans to dye my hair some fun color combos so I am thrilled about that! Oh and the fact she is my scrapping buddy too!!! Hooray for great girlfriends!
Well off to hang out with more old friends today. My good friend Andrew aka Andy aka Drew, I have known him since 9th grade and am now friends with his wife Shannon too! They live about an hour away and they are coming into town today with their little boy to visit with me and Gabster :) Fun times! I swear we need to have 4 day weekends and 3 day workweeks cause weekends are just not lonnngggg enough! Peace out!

Thursday, July 26, 2007

Moving on upppp!

Yup yup after mooching off my little sister for the past 2 months Gabby and I are finally moving into our own place! We are going to be on 3rd floor which is top floor and I am totally ok with that as we have a deck/balcony thing and hey no worries about stomping feets above us!

So far though no furniture and stuff from UK soooo we may be sitting in a pretty bare apartment for awhile haha.....our stuff is estimated to arrive on the 3rd so here's hoping!

We will have my laptop, a small tv, a couch from Grams, and a few other things so should not be too bad just no beds for now....but again not a big deal we are used to camping it haha!

Just sooooo ready to have our own place and heck the indoor pool bit does not hurt either!

Now once we get settled there I am still holding out hope for a full time job to happen........ughhhh

Gareth will arrive in 154 days and my oh my I cannot wait!!!!

Sunday, July 22, 2007

Boredom at it's Finest

6 pm on a Sunday night nothing to do nothing to money to do anything with anyway either! I am getting sooooo scared as we are moving into our own apartment here on the 31st! Granted I will be walking distance to both sets of my grandparents but I do have to start thinking budgets and bills and whatnot! eeeekkkk! Real world here I come!

I am sooo excited though for Gabby and I to get our own space seeing how we been mooching off my little sister for past 2 months. I am very grateful to her and all she has done for us for sure.

I am now employed for 2 retail places barely making over minimum wage...gotta love what a bachelors in psych will get ya in state of Michigan! Sigh. I do have an interview this next month that I hope results in a full time job!!! Seeing how so far not even getting 40 hours between two jobs!

Friday, April 13, 2007

What's with the Log In's?

Ok I have never gotten so frustrated with logging into somewhere as I just have today with Blogger. I even opened a new email account just specifically for them here at Blogger.......Jeesh!

Anyways I read about a little Blog Challenge and todays was "What makes you calm and or relaxed".....For me my idea of a relaxing environment is one that involves me, a good book, and a good scented candle going. Wine or a cup of coffee would be nice too. There it is pretty darn simple really.

Not feeling very relaxed lately though since my husband has been climbing all over my nerves lately. I try to grin and bear it but man oh man some days I just want to run for the hills!

Tuesday, April 10, 2007

Ahhh the joys of Spring Break

My little girly girl is on spring break this week and part of next week. Although it is fun to have her about it also is a wee bit stressful keeping her entertained at what seems every second of the day! Although she will go play with polly pockets (oh I how I love those things!) for a good hour or so, the times she plays with them are not frequent enough somedays it seems heh heh!

I am in two college courses at the moment. Finishing up a Deviant Behavior Sociology one and then just started (much to my dismay for the 2nd time, don't ask) Experiemental Methods of Psych which will be my final course for my Psych degree hooray!!!

I will officially graduate from Univ of Maryland (online program) in August 2007 yipppeee! Then who the heck knows what I shall be doing with my life after that haha..One step at a time.

Well I have been out of scrapbooking for a while now and although I have worked on some projects here and there haven't really allowed myself to shop. Well I just had to get a couple new albums which then led to a new trimmer (the tonic guillotine), the Basic Grey Phoebe and Blush sets (cannot wait to see these when they come!), and of course some good ole adhesive refills, oh wait and a couple packs of the basic grey lace rub fun!!! I am so excited for these goodies to arrive and hoping they are here next week!

I also start a new job in the next couple of weeks! I am scared as all heck seeing how I haven't really worked for past 5 years! Been staying at home with my little Muffin and just concentrating on finishing school. The job is just stocking shelves at the grocery store here on our base but man it pays over 14 an hour which I think is pretty darn good for hopefully a low stress job! Bring on the money!

Wednesday, April 4, 2007

Testing testing.....

My first short post on my new blog...I have tried the blogging thing in the past mind you, just never stuck with it. We shall see how long this one stays around for......I have tons of thoughts in my head I would love to type out, but just not sure I want them all floating around in the world for all to see quite yet....So although these posts may be cryptic at first they all may begin to make more sense as the year goes on. I know straight away I need to put a disclaimer warning of my run on sentences.....Well off to get the Muffin's lunch ready for school (today's the last day before Easter break starts hooray!).