Thursday, June 17, 2010

Week in the Life-Wednesday

Daily Thoughts and to-do’s

  • Went to go purchase Ludacris tickets (hey this white girl likes some booty music from time to time what can I say?!) but the woman forgot so I am getting them next week when she comes to our office (concert will be at our yearly summer celebration where we have a weeks worth of concerts and carnival, art show, etc…)
  • Thankful for not having to cook dinner tonight since we are going to my Grandparents for my Uncle Brad’s belated 50th birthday bbq
  • Thankful for all that my husband does! Been hearing about a lot of unhappy marriages lately and I am so happy with all Bear does for me and for the girls and around the house. Today he not only dusted and wiped down our blinds in our bedroom but also washed our sheets and re-made the bed up.
  • Longing to go to the beach! Need to get Lainey some sort of sun coverage though and Gabby a new swimsuit (I will be sitting this summer out in a sundress thank you very much!)
  • Really thinking about the backyard and how I want to get it at least more presentable this summer even though I most likely won’t plant much until next spring
  • Popped into library to pick up 3 books for Gabby to read and got her signed up for their summer reading program where she can win prizes (she was really excited!) I love that I have passed on my love of reading to her :)
What we watched on tv

  • Nothing really since we were at grandparents house! I watched a couple episodes of Losing It with Jillian Michaels (tearjerkers!)
What we ate for dinner:

  • Cook out at Grams! Hamburgers, potato salad, fresh fruit, corn on the cob, baked beans (I skipped the dessert in order to have more potato salad haha…Gareth and Gabby both had chocolate cake)
  • Who was there: Dad, Uncle Greg, Uncle Brad, Aunt Lori and Uncle Steve, Grandma and Grandpa, cousins:Rachel and her boyfriend Michael, Tyler, Jacob for a short while, and our family


  • Sunny and high was 72

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