Wednesday, February 23, 2011

WINNER Winner Chicken Dinner!!!

Winners of my past 3 contests are............

Winner of the Skin MD Natural Lotion is #5 Alice H.

Winner of the Neatnik Saucer is #14 Kim Bryant

Winner of their Glee Candy making kit of choice is #13 pridelandmama

All winners will be emailed for info for me to pass onto the sponsers! Thanks so much for participating and Congratulations!!!

Upcoming contests for Rockin Green detergent, EcoStore, and a new Etsy seller that makes adorable Scrabble tile pendants and magnets coming SOON!!!! (Really truly!!)

11 Months!

Oh my gosh I have had this just sitting as a draft as I was waiting to input pictures and then forgot about it completely! So here we go....

One month to go and our baby is officially moving even closer towards toddlerhood! *GASP*! Cannot even believe it!

  • I coaxed you into taking two steps to me yesterday(2/9/11)! Otherwise you still hold on as you cruise cruise cruise! You are doing free standing more and more often though.
  • Yo Gabba Gabba is seriously your baby crack! You can be super grumps and as soon as you see us turning that on you freeze...then smile...then dance!
  • You are eating pretty much all that gets put in front of you but starting to get pickier and tossing some things overboard straight away! Not a fan of breakfast sausage though haha
  • You have 2 front teeth (with an adorable gap between them) and 3 bottom teeth with a 4th working it's way to the surface
  • You are developing more and more stubborness! Especially when it comes to wanting the computer mouse or remote controls!
  • 2/23/11 you are now taking a couple steps here and there but still usually resulting in a faceplant. You shrug it off though and crawl away at top speed!
  • You have become quite the animated one while telling us "stories" bobbing your head around and experimenting with all different pitches and sounds and faces to go with (SO cute!)
  • We are getting excited for your upcoming first birthday party! Cannot even begin to believe it little miss! It has gone by so, so, SO fast!

Sunday, February 6, 2011

A Peek into our 2010 Project Life album

Now I didn't end up doing the video as it was hard enough for me to get time and lighting to work with my dying camera to get some quick shots of the pages sooooo without further ado....

Intro Page



Several times throughout the album I put in 8.5 x 11 page protectors to hold some cards and other memorabilia items :)








In December I finally got smarter and ordered my vertical pics smaller to fit into the vertical pockets!!! I really like how these pages turned out and a lot more picture heavy which is perfect for all the Christmas pics!

The final closing page and then a 12x12 memorabilia pocket page for all the rest of our cards and such we received throughout the year

Saturday, February 5, 2011

January 2011 Project Life

Here are the pics that will be featured for January in our 2011 Project Life album, feel free to click to look at any of them bigger :)

Friday, February 4, 2011

Case of the Mondays

MONDAYS?!?!?!?!? AUGHHHHHH……yup my grad school that was postponed has now been re-scheduled to be on Monday evenings! Some people may say “Oh good get it over with then have all week and weekend to do homework.” But yeah not this girl that gets up for work at a little after 6am. See this program is about an hour’s drive away. This means Monday nights I won’t be even walking in my door until after 11pm at best. And then you know I will be wired…..soooo this means the rest of the week at work I shall be dragging hiney!

One good thing is that the admissions guy said that it can change every 6 weeks and I will never have a Friday evening class (not that I would really mind that to be honest!). So hopefully if enough people complain the next course will be later in the week haha! They said they are still about 1 or 2 people shy of what they would like to start with so there is still a chance of it being postponed AGAIN L Here’s hoping nothing stops it from starting though and that I can get the ball rolling on March 28th!

I am relieved winter SHOULD be on it’s way out so I won’t have to worry about nasty road conditions and it will be spring and I should be feeling all energetic and what not haha….

Oh and on a totally unrelated note pics and video of 2010 project life WILL be posted Saturday! I get home and it is too dark to get good pics and video so need to do it in daylight hours J

I also have a Rockin Green review and giveaway to do and an EcoStore review and giveaway to do! YAY!

Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Snowmageddon=Getting Stuff Done!

yup that's my car

don't think I will be going to work today!

I wish you could tell even better the size of these snow drifts but it was hard to capture unless you were out trying to shovel them ;) Needless to say I dug my dog a small area so he could do his business then came back inside! 

It seems like our driveway catches drifts! Our back door was clear to open but then we had massive snow drifts all over in driveway that is going to take several hours (at least!) of shoveling before we can get the car out! I have been up since quarter after 6 this morning and it feels good to have a nice long day of no work smack in the middle of the week!

I plan to finish up my 2010 Project Life today!!! Yup 2 days past my deadline I gave myself but I just have 20 more pages to journal on and then voila! I shall be posting again tonight sharing it with you all!

As I said in previous posts I have learned a lot doing the 2010 one and although I love how it turned out I know I am going to love the 2011 one even more!!! Such a great way to capture a year in our lives to look at for years to come!

Stay tuned for the Project Life 2010 post later on tonight, I may even do a small video of me 
flipping through it :)

Edited to add: The album is COMPLETE! I tried getting some pics though and my crappy camera is not making me happy. :( SO I need to def do a video and pics tomorrow during daylight! Sorry about that folks!