Friday, June 18, 2010

Week in the Life-Friday (LAST day!!!)

OMG I made it the whole week! Granted we had a couple days where we didn't get as many pics but this was such a great project and I cannot wait to see it come together! My album and page protectors are due to arrive Monday which works for me since no time this weekend to really work on it. Our good friend arrives from England next weekend so this weekend is all about tidying up and that includes my craft area since he is staying in our basement LOL! YIKES for me....

So for the last day....
Thoughts and To Do's

  • Me worked 7:30 to 4
  • Gabby got to go to a friend of a friends pool today bummed we don't have pics of that! 
  • Lainey had a rough whiney day Gareth said so we are def suspecting teething is starting....
  • Woke up to wind and thunder! It then cleared up and was muggy and sunny ALL day until I got out of work....go figure
  • I went grocery shopping after work I stayed under 100 bucks but jeesh it adds up so quick!
  • I bought sunscreen for me and Gabby! Need to get some baby safe stuff still
What we watched
  • Chelsea Lately 
  • 3 episodes of season one of True Blood (we have watched the first 6 I think now and they follow the books almost to a tee so far!)
  • As I said thunderstorms in the area but then lots of sun and mugginess....high was around 80 today! 
Tomorrow I may have time to sort through rest of pics to post but not promising with everything else I need to get done....
  • touch up paint in bathroom
  • find art to get printed and frame for bathroom
  • organize scrap stuff
  • get a few boxes ready to donate and actually load them into car and go donate!
  • throw away random stuff such as some boxes, glass from an old table etc we have in basement
  • find Gabby a swimsuit and Lainey sun umbrella or tent for the beach
  • farmers market tomorrow morning? Supposed to be storming so we shall see....
  • make photo copies of recipes from some library weight watcher cookbooks
Yup overwhelmed.............

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  1. YAY, congrats!! Geez, it seemed to fly by when you did it! haha. I can't wait to see how the album comes together (and see the photos you took for the last couple of days), I think our albums will be similar but still pretty different. We can do it, we can finish this project!!