Thursday, June 2, 2011

June Happenings

I know my posts are going to be quite far and few between due to it not only being summer but also because I have officially started my Grad School program for Professional Counseling! So far so good but I am only in the intro to Grad school class at the moment ;)

This month is going to FLY right on by though due to the following things
  • Our friend (Lainey's God Daddy) is here again and will be here until June 14th I believe!
  • Father's Day
  • a friend's baby shower (attempt a homemade gift?)
  • My birthday, friends birthdays, my Gram's birthday, my Dad's birthday
  • Mother-in-law, Aunt-in-law, and cousin-in-law all arriving from England on the 25th (also need to make homemade gifts as we are doing a group family birthday celebration thing)
So yes between school work, attempting some home made gifts, battling the ants that want to live in our house, dealing with a child heading into summer vacation, and a toddler it is a BUSY time for me!!!

I will try to share pics of any homemade gifts though if they do indeed get made! Oh and also I am seriously hooked on Pinterest and also games on FB ;)