Monday, June 14, 2010

Week in the Life-Sunday

Not as many pics on a day where I didn't leave the house....shoot I didn't even get dressed or showered until after 8pm which is when I showered then changed into fresh pajamas haha! But hey that is what this project about...showing every day life! So here are the pics....
The Collage
The wallet sized ones (only 8 this time but will use the other pocket for journaling or whatever)

The daily opener

The pic of the day

Our dailies
What we did:
  • loaded pictures and sorted from day before
  • made a photo slideshow to share with my March 2010 mommy board
  • updated my blog
  • soaked our shower organizer in vinegar to get rid of soap scum
  • Gareth vacuumed and cleaned bathroom
  • I organized Lainey's clothes in her drawers
  • laundry
  • started sorting through Gabby's school stuff to put into her school years scrapbook (I have way too much and need to majorly narrow down!)
  • gave Lainey a bath using her new bath seat
  • watched a whole lot of Man vs. Food on the Travel Channel
What we ate:
Just going to put dinner now as I cannot keep track of what we all eat during the day since we all eat different things for the other meals. So dinner tonight was beef patties with onion gravy over mashed potatoes with green beans

What we watched:
Gareth watched World Cup game Germany vs Australia then he plated some xbox and then watched Grand Prix. Later we watched a marathon of Man vs Food 

Weather: once again sunny and the high was 72 so again a gorgeous day where we sat inside LOL.....we need to get to the beach!

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  1. After hearing me complain about the weather around here, you guys better get outside and enjoy it! haha (Though living in Michigan I'm sure you have some pretty crappy weather too, so I don't envy you too much, haha)

    I understand with the 'repeat' shots, it's hard when your life is so repetitious (with a baby), but I guess that's part of it, eh?