About Me

I am Stephanie age 32. I have a Bachelors Degree in Psychology and debate on a daily basis whether I want to pursue a masters degree. I am a full time Rehabilitation Assistant and work Monday-Friday. I have a lovely stay at home Daddy for a husband and we have two daughters age 8 and 5 months.

We may not look like the average family since my husband and I have quite decorated bodies since we have a love of tattoos but I assure you we are your run of the mill family that are even quite boring at times! We love to spend time at home together and do other family friendly activities.

Our family includes
Myself- age 32
Husband-age 33
Gabby- age 8
Lainey- age 5 months


  1. Hey Steph - I didn't realize Gareth was staying at home now too. Dave has been home for almost a year now. He volunteers at the school and the kids ask him questions such as "I thought only girls had earrings?" and "What's that mean on your arm?" I think it's great for the kids to see daddy playing the not so traditional role sometimes too!

    Love your blog!!

  2. And yeah -- that was me Laura (Aiden's Mommy)

  3. Your tattoos are gorgeous, I'd love to see close ups of them!

    My husband started his masters in 2006, when our daugter was 1 1/2. Today is his first day of his LAST class, YAY!! He wanted to quit a lot but I enouraged him to stick with it. I asked if he was glad and he said "Well YEAH, now that it's almost DONE!" LOL!!

  4. I was also a psychology major in undergrad. And now I am in my last year in graduate school (getting my MA this fall and Ed.M. spring 2011) in Psychological Counseling. I am SO happy to be almost over. It's tough when you're a grad student and a mom (I'm a newly single mom... sigh!)

    But it'll be totally worth it!