Sunday, August 30, 2009

Random Owlness

Ok so Ashley totally reminded she wanted to see my notorious owl lamp by posting a pic of her cutely re-painted kitchen where I spied an adorable owl clock! So here is my ode to my special owl pieces I have thus far....

My macrame owl hanging I had to buy off of ebay in honor of one almost identical my mom had hanging in our hallway when I was growing up.

Some other owly stuff I have include this adorable card my sis got me (I am gonna frame it) and then this super cool owl teapot with 6 cups my friend Jennifer got us for one of our wedding presents!

and the piece de resita'nce the owl lamp...first the state of it when I purchased it for $3 bucks and then in our room after I painted it solid white and put a new shade on has now been moved to my office at work as the hubby said he refused to sleep in a room with it LOL

Sunday Lazy Sunday

Well so much for me keeping up with the food diary of a preggo lady as had forgotten about it after I posted that last week (LOL call it mind and memory of a preggo lady!).

I have been feeling like absolute shit to put it bluntly past few days and moodiness has come about with it since I am sick of feeling sick! It has really gotten to me past two days and told Bear it is depressing the heck out of me as I feel I am having no life right now.

Yesterday I cannot even tell you how many times I went back and napped in the bedroom. I made a quick outing to the local parade with Gabby Muffin and then home to sleep then super quick outing to Aldis where I was trying not to heave then back home to sleep again etc...

I know I know it will all be worth it in the end but damn it sure is causing me misery right now
:( It really has made me decide 2 kiddos will be all I have as just don't think I could deal with this all over again!

Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Gotta love a non-queasy day!

Today is a good day so far…unlike yesterday; where I was heaving my guts up the last 10 to 15 minutes of work before driving home and pretty much eating, showering, then going to bed for the night!

But today like I said is a good day and I am actually hungry which is a nice change! I am however sleepy as heck but that is normal for me anyway :P I did go down to my car today and rested for 30 minutes with the windows down. Nothing better than breezes tickling through your hair as you rest…ahhhh could have stayed down there at least another hour or two haha! This will definitely be a daily thing for me now I reckon until the snow comes and makes me not want to venture through our arctic parking lot here at work (we are right across the street from a decent sized lake so in the winter the wind whips through and you feel as if you are at the North Pole!).

I thought it may be interesting to do a peek into what a preggo lady eats so as of today I will start putting in a daily blog documenting my intake…could become interesting haha!

Breakfast: bowl of honey nut cheerios
Snack: water and about 5 or 6 saltines with peanut butter (jif only thanks!)
Snack: small slim jim more water
Lunch: 1 slice of bread with pb and small bag of fritos more water(so happy I am able to guzzle it today as have missed it!)
Snack: diet dr pepper
Ok so then hunger hit me over the head like a brick! Rest of the day involved at least 3 more slim jims (hey they are the little mini size!) and then taco bell for dinner where I consumed 3 (yes 3 which was def 1 too many) crunchy tacos and a triple layer nacho along with a strawberry fruitista! OOPS! Tasted SOOOOO good though!

As you can tell I like my snacks and peanut butter J I think it is mainly because I haven’t been able to stomach many other sources of protein lately! I was eating green grapes a lot but had an incident on them yesterday so taking a break (today at least) from them!

Ooh in other news I approached the subject of the birds and the bees with my 7 year old daughter. Our favorite book so far was “What’s the Big Secret?” it was filled with cute cartoon pictures yet had all correct terms and even had a tiny section about masturbation!!! My daughter surprisingly didn’t make many comments or even ask any questions! Her main comment was “Now I know what boys look like peeing!” LOL. We also read “How you Were Born” but it was a bit boring for both of us. I thought for sure there would be some questions(lots more questions!) but maybe they will come while looking at some other books. I go to pick up 3 others I had the library get for us today.

OMG my boss made some sort of ramen up for lunch and now I MUST get some ramen at the store tonight LOL....gotta love the needs of pregnancy!

Friday, August 21, 2009

I def am pregnant with a pisces

UGHHHHH this baby has got to be swimming circles around in my womb! The constant nausea just won't go away for longer than an hour and I am lucky if I even make it an hour without feeling slightly woozy.....roll on second trimester and I pray that it actually brings me some relief!

All I want to consume is cake and mexican food.....I am getting cake tomorrow at a baby shower which makes me happier than you could ever imagine! I may have to buy a single piece at Walmart tonight though just because....I also see many cans of refried beans being eaten.

I also am still going with my gut and think this baby is a boy. Dunno why just feels like it. My belly seems to becoming more and more basketball like and most clothes still fit as long as they sit under the belly....with Gabby I expanded EVERYWHERE. So here's hoping to becoming all belly this time around ;)

Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Gummi's first picture

Tech wouldn't tell us what Gummi was measuring but heart rate was 171. We shall find out my due date on the 26th at my next appointment.

Sunday, August 16, 2009

Grub o' the Week

Ok it is really hard to menu plan when you still don't feel like eating much let alone look at food at the grocery store or online! So tonight was pizza rolls LOL! We had Red Robin for lunch so weren't too hungry! Gabby had a usual mix of toast and cheerios. So as of right now this week is looking grim. Never made the meatballs yet, thinking they may end up being a fall thing.

Picked up our box of Great Food For All for month of August and was pleased with the contents! Real excited to try this frozen Chicken and Brown Wild Rice soup that was in it (again a fall thing for me).

So anyway this week may look something like this:

Easy meals that don't require me to look much at meat for the hubby.....fruit loops for me

hahah.....seriously though I am not too into food still (well again as it depends on each day it seems!).

Favorite new pic of my Muffin

She is growing too much...cannot believe she is going to be in 2nd grade!!!! SNIFF

Saturday, August 15, 2009

Aldis Queen!

Ok I am sooo tired after a morning of shopping and checking out various rummage sales but ran across a link to this site that I HAD to share! I am a HUGE fan of Aldis since I get a whole cart of groceries for like $60 bucks compared to hundreds I was spending at Meijer and Walmart! (I still go to those places too but try my hardest to get bulk of items at Aldis!).

Introducing The Aldis Queen she features all different recipes and shopping lists based just on stuff found at Aldis! YAYYYYYY!

Ok off to shower and maybe revive myself since I have lots more I wanted to write about today but it may have to be held off until tonight or tomorrow even!

Thursday, August 13, 2009

First doctor invasion...or appointment

All seemed just fine..doc seems soooo nice and chill and got great vibe from him. He said I def was not candidate for vbac (I knew already) as I have a pelvic bone that is real narrow and comes down at strange angle.

He will have me meet c-section doc later in pregnancy but he would see me through and be at my c-section as well and take care of baby after if I would like.

He couldn't hear heartbeat yet but said my uterus def felt in the 8th to 10th week range so he is having me go for u/s Monday night (9:10 pm crazy!) to get better idea of date and size of baby.

He gave me the stronger dose of zofran and also some free samples of an antacid tablet he wants me to take each morning and he said the combo should def work for me.

Then went for the 6 tubes of blood to be drawn for the tests they run....OOOFFFFF almost passed out on the lady and my vein stopped giving so then she had to give me juice and wait before finishing on other arm. Yuck.

So excited for ultrasound Monday!!! Then go back to him on 26th to try doppler again and get our dates all sorted.

Sunday, August 9, 2009

Grub o' the Week

Swedish Meatballs over brown rice with salad

Easy chicken Parm over whole wheat linguine with salad

Taco/Nacho night


Pasta sauce(jar usually a marinara from aldis with seasoned ground turkey cooked in) over whole wheat penne, garlic toast, salads

Pizza(we are hooked on Jacks frozen mexican I really should make our own)

Thursday, August 6, 2009

Hoo Hoo Hoo's nursery will this be?

OMG squealing over these fantastical owl wall decor I found yesterday! Best news is they have girl and boy friendly colours (I cannot get down with the gender neutral stuff as I have a bit too much girly girl in me). So if Gummi Bear is a girl she will have these on her wall....

and if gummi bear is a boy....
I have a HUGE thing for owls ever since I found a macrame owl hanging on ebay just like my mom had when I was growing up :D What I love is that you could put all different bedding and other decor with these without it being too matchy matchy! I mixed and matched with my daughters nursery (was dragonflies and butterflies) so I had wanted to do the same this time around so that the baby has it's own customized look for their room (who am I kidding like the baby will's totally for me! haha!).
Bring on the owls! Oh and don't get me started on all the freaking adorable home made owl pillows and blankets and such there is over on Etsy! Gareth has no choice in these decisions so he better surrender now hahahaha....

Wednesday, August 5, 2009

Grub o' The Week

Ok so it is Wednesday evening and I am totally stealing Shannon's idea to start menu planning and posting it here on my blog :) I figure the zofran has kicked in so why not become a bit more organized with menu planning. I mean shoot I have done it before and it truly makes cooking and life that much easier! So this week was a bit off of course due to me being sicker than sick and not wanting to deal with food so please disregard all the junk we ingested ;)

Monday: No idea what the husband ate and frankly I did not care

Tuesday:(Got meds and was feeling MUCH better) Baked up some ready meal bbq pork riblets we then put on hamburger buns ala McRib sandwich style along with salads

Wednesday: (Ready meal time again) salsibury steaks with mashed potatoes and salads(I even cut up cukes and tomatos wowsa!)

Thursday: Cream Cheese Crock Pot Chicken (first seen on Shannon's site) over whole wheat pasta and served with salad (what can I say I prefer cold veg over hot ones!)

Friday: Marinated steaks, salad, (wish I had potatoes) and prob some sort of rice

Saturday: Going to a grill your own pizza party

Sunday: (another recipe I am trying from Shannon) Chicken Crescent Roll Casserole made with the leftover chicken from Thursday, salad or maybe a hot veg!

Tuesday, August 4, 2009

Being Green... but not in the good ecological way

Oh yes the morning… or in my case all day sickness has arrived! It is horrid to say the least! Nothing and I mean NOTHING stays down not even water…especially not water!

Luckily I read about women taking unisom to help with the nausea. I looked it up and it shows it is safer than the prescriptions doctors give so I gave it a try. It worked wonders for the first few days….but now back to worshiping the porcelain God every morning and in the evenings I am still hit with nausea so bad I barely eat and just lay around praying that I feel better soon.

I am so thankful for this pregnancy and that the baby must be strong and healthy with how sick it is making me but man this stage can end any day now! So happy that my doctor I have yet to see called me in something so will go pick that up after work today and once again hope it is my ticket to being able to eat a bit more normally.