Friday, July 2, 2010

Right Here, Right Now

List stolen from Genevieve (who happens to be one of my fave bloggers if you haven't noticed) ;)

listening: Frou Frou-"Hear me Out" off the Details album circa 2002

eating: just got done with some cantaloupe and honeydew melon yummo!

drinking: home-just finishing up my second bottle of water of the day (64oz go me!) onto my one can of diet coke next

wearing: old navy jeans (that are getting looser YAY!), faded red shirt with lavendar and blue mod floral design also from old navy and wore it through my pregnancy as well haha, lavendar cardigan over top, navy flip flops
feeling: like I need to take another trip to go pee and that I really am ready to go home and have a great long weekend!

weather: sunny but was cool this morning...I am guessing it is in the 70's out right now

wanting: to go home! Have lots on my plate for the weekend (picking up a small shed we found on craigslist, art fair, fireworks, etc...)

needing: new clothes but no money to get them

thinking: about how thankful I am that our friend bought Lainey her purple stroller I have been dying to get her! Too bad I have to wait until end of September to retrieve it from England LOL

enjoying: a quiet day at work since barely anyone is here

wondering: if I will work on my Week in the Life album at all this weekend haha!

1 comment:

  1. Ha! You're cute :) Come up to Canada sometime, Michigan can't be that far away!

    Happy Independance Day, enjoy the long weekend.