Monday, April 26, 2010

First Day Back to Work

Well I survived....although it is hard being a working mama and having to go back when Lainey is only 6.5 weeks old it wasn't as hard as I thought it would be! I think it is cause I was starting to feel like I was stuck in the movie Groundhogs Day while at home because of the constant nursing!

There are LOTS of changes at work good and bad which is going to help me stay busy and keep my mind off the fact I am away as well. The bad is that my bestest office mate/great friend is no longer there. She made some poor choices and it kills me she put her job in jeopardy but even more so I took it rather personal! Now I know that is silly as it had absolutely nothing to do with me whatsoever but the fact that she put her job at risk and is now no longer working with me kills me! We had a blast I mean a BLAST together almost every day and we had so many inside jokes etc....Going back to the huge office we shared was a shock straight away....but then I got pulled to talk to my immediate boss.

I found out due to the circumstances they wanted all of us non-state workers in the cubicles as opposed to the offices now (which is actually how it was supposed to be from the get go, we had just lucked out until this point). To be honest it didn't bother me that much since now I wouldn't have to be in that huge office alone or worse yet end up with someone who I didn't connect with! I promptly moved all my stuff into the cubby and started decorating (FUN!).

Another change is another worker is leaving as of Wednesday! For her it is good news though as she is transferring to the other side of the state where she will be close to family which is great for her! We had a going away potluck for her today which was yummy and soooo not diet friendly :)

My immediate boss was super cool to me and told me all day how happy she was I was back and told me to just make sure I am working as much as possible as she would hate for there to be anything they could hold against me (I am in a position where the state basically has the choice every fall to not keep me!). So yeah makes me a bit paranoid but also will keep me on my toes and keep me busy! Although I have to say if they did lay me off I could sit home with baby and collect unemployment for a year or two which wouldn't be awful ;) LOL I am only half kidding on this haha.

The landlord popped over tonight and asked what color we wanted outside of house to be painted! So excited as right now it is an awful butterscotch baby poop type color that is all chipping off! I had no idea though and just said something earthy and natural....

I plan to take on our bathroom soon which will mean taking down wallpaper (looks scary underneath as all I can see is a dark bright blue!) and then prob sanding and priming before painting. No idea for color but leaning towards a soft yellow or just an earthy sand type color. It is a small room so do not want anything too dark in there. Also don't want to have to worry about getting a new shower curtain as I still like the one we have which is just a blue, yellow, and sand type color wavy stripes.

Lainey crying hard in her sleep awwwwwwwwwww must go

Friday, April 23, 2010

Attempting to Cook

So now that we are attempting to lose our pregnancy weight (yes my husband also put on 20 to 30 pounds) we are trying to STOP all the take out food! What arrived just in time? Why my free subscription to Food Everyday magazine (thanks coke rewards!). Here are the recipes we have tried thus far and what we thought....

30 minute Spaghetti and Meatballs- Will not make again. The sauce was only made from canned whole tomatoes smashed up with some onions (yuck) but the meatballs were made from ground italian sausage which Gareth did enjoy so will make those more often but using tried and true fave jar sauces haha!

Chicken and Cannelini Bean Salad- We loved this! It originally called for tuna but we don't do I put some shredded chicken from a rotisserie chicken in it instead. Was quite a bit or prep that made me feel very chef like ;) tasted very fresh and healthy too!

Chicken Tostadas- these were really tasty and again tasted fresh and healthy! The most prep was for the garnishes but you can always do that ahead of time and chicken again was from the rotisserie chicken (those things can make at least 3 meals for 2 adults pretty cool and economical and easy!)

Sorry I don't have links to the exact recipes used as Martha must not allow the current magazines recipes to be posted online or something....

All in all we are doing good for the eating part of operation get healthier and I am sure it will get better once I am at work next week and we can be even more set on schedule!

Now for the exercise portion....I went on a walk today with Lainey on me and WHEW am I ever OUT OF SHAPE! Prob only went a half mile! Also angry as dug all around in basement to find my pedometer only to find the battery was dead SIGH.

Our treadmill should arrive next week though and I also need to start doing some wii fit (which of course is still telling me I am obese....have about 30 to 40 pounds to lose before I get to overweight status soooo depressing but all my own fault!).

Maternity Leave Officially Over

I cannot believe over 6 weeks has flown by....well it has and it hasn't. It has because I cannot believe I really have to return to work Monday but it hasn't because the majority of my leave as most new mommy's know went by in an overly exhausted Groundhogs Day-esque blur...Although I am super sad about returning I am also excited at the routine it will help bring us all!

I wanted to re-visit my to do lists I had made and see what I actually did these past 6 weeks we go ones I hadn't mentioned finishing before... on Lainey's baby book (I have done but need to put pics in still) on Gabby's school scrapbook (nope haven't touched it...I have thought about it lots though LMAO) on Project life scrapbook (I am keeping up with the putting pics in this well but need to do journaling!)
4.get windshield on car replaced (DONE)
5.get more thank you cards sent out (DONE)
6.Plan Gabby's 8th birthday party (I am doing a Magic 8 Ball theme) and get all decor sorted/made so we are set for it in May (yeah not doing that theme anymore she wants a slumber party so I am letting her and no idea what we will do now)
7.get me and Bear's wedding pics printed out and/or made into an online scrapbook so we actually have tangible albums before we hit our 2 year anniversary in November (Did it! Had a photo book made!)
8.Work on a crochet project (since one of my resolutions was to learn how and I have yet to start) (Nope didn't even open this haha)
9.Try and get some rest and get good breastfeeding/pumping schedule down before returning to work! (well def no to the rest part but I am doing good as for the breastfeeding and pumping goes!)

So all in all I feel pretty good about what I did manage to accomplish all while treasuring my new sweet little girl!

Saturday, April 10, 2010

1 Month

About your first month of life Miss Lainey Bear aka Zombeebee...

You have been cloth diapered since around 2weeks old (right after belly button stump came off), any time we put sposies on you get a bit of a rash, as soon as we go back to cloth it clears up! We love cloth diapers on you too soooo cute :)

You have been breastfeeding the entire time and Mommy is so proud of herself for this even if we are still stuck using the nipple shield!

You get the hiccups LOTS!

You are SO noisy and feisty LOL, if you are grunting and snorting in your sleep you are then doing it while nursing which is what gave you the nickname Zombeebee(cause you sound like a Zombie feeding haha!)

Not only are mommy and daddy completely in love with you but your big sister is as well! She even asked us last night if you two girls could share a bedroom when you are 5....we will see how she feels about that when the time comes since she will then be almost 13 haha!

Sleeping is pretty good most nights and you usually give mommy and daddy a 4 hour stretch and sometimes even a 5 hour one! Too bad mommy is used to sleeping 9 to 6 am on average so even with longer stretches Mommy just cannot seem to catch up and is always tired!

You are wearing newborn clothes still and some of your 0 to 3 month stuff

You have just in past few days started gurgling and cooing with what seems like some purpose...usually it is while staring at the sun filtering through our living room curtains

You have had a couple smiles slip through while awake but mostly still all while sleeping (gas I am sure)

Speaking of gas...every morning almost Mommy can lay you on her tummy and chest in bed and you will let em go for a good hour!

You have been binging past few days...meaning you nurse almost constant for like a 3 to 4 hour stretch! Mommy hopes this passes soon! Especially since you then usually spit most of it up afterwards!

Love you so much little girl and we love seeing each and every milestone you reach...we are too blessed to have had you!!!