Thursday, April 5, 2012

Before Baby To-Do List

I officially reached my "only 99 days to go until this baby arrives" day yesterday! Cannot believe it! On one hand this pregnancy has flown by but then again I then think about the fact I still have 3 months of growing and getting even more uncomfortable to go!

Here is my current to-do list of things I need and want to get done before July!

  • Get some art on the wall above crib
  • Prep all diapers and what few gender neutral clothes we have
  • Go through my cubes and pack away what doesn't need to be in there (socks I refuse to get rid of yet I hardly wear, too small bras and undies etc....) making room for baby stuff!
  • Wash up all pump parts and the milk storage tubes/get breast pads
  • Make room in a cupboard somewhere for all the milk storage tubes and bottles again!
  • Start pricing stuff for end of summer garage sale/also get more things pulled and put into the pile to get rid of!
  • Car seat cleaned up and installed
  • Hospital bag packed closer to the time
  • Maybe attempt a few freezer food items/meals
  • Buy small gas grill for easier grilling all summer long!
  • Prepare myself to get back on weight watchers and get out and walk walk walk post baby!!!