Monday, July 13, 2009

Headaches and Moodiness

Well from the title of this blog you can see what has been going on past few days for me. The headaches are soooo annoying since they are just very dull and annoying. They are just hanging in there enough to know they are there but not awful about really to take anything. I did however finally buy some regular Tylenol that is safe to take so will pop a couple of those today I am sure!

I am so sick of peeing constantly so that can subside any time now! Don’t get me wrong I am trying to embrace any and all symptoms as that assures me the baby is growing strong but that only takes ya so far ;) Other symptoms at this point are: tiredness, those dang headaches, and a little bit of increased hunger but nothing sounds good most the time.
My belly is definitely bloated at this point and finding work clothes to wear each day for next month may prove interesting. My chest is also growing but not quite as rapidly as it did with Gabby (thank goodness!).

We went to Jen and Wally’s wedding on Saturday night and was soooo hard not to spill the beans to several people. But I have been doing good and the tally has still been kept under 4 or 5 people total that know. I am really hoping for an ultrasound at first appointment as that will be how we reveal to Gabby she is going to be a big sister! May be an interesting reaction from her no matter how we tell her that is for sure! LOL.

Gabby is grounded from tv in her room this week due to her turning it on 3 times last night after she was supposed to be trying to go to sleep! Such a determined stinker at times! She is also supposed to start vacation bible school tonight at the church across the street….might be interesting to get her to stay there too unless she sees someone she knows (PLEASE let her see someone she knows!). I know she will have fun as she hasn’t really had much other chance this summer to interact with other kids. If she goes and has fun we will sign her up for another one that starts last week of the month as well at another church haha! What stinks though is both these churches are holding it at night time which is just odd, but guess they need people that work to be able to volunteer to work it and not to mention kids whose parents may work during the day. Granted I work but Gareth is home all day with her so would have been nice for him to get a couple hour break each day haha.

Still trying to figure out how we will do the big reveal to my family. Gareth plans on sending his mum a grandmother card of sorts. I really would like to put an ultrasound pic in a card or something but not 100%. Gabby also has a big sis tshirt she could wear that I could do a picture of her in it to put in a card too!

Ooh just realized one month exactly until I go to the doctor for first OB visit! YAY! I think I am approx. 5 weeks today but not 100% so hopefully will find that out at doc visit too! So excited!!!

Friday, July 10, 2009

Yup still Preggers!

*These posts are not going to be published until we get the ok from doc and Gareth gives me official ok to release the info to the world but still want to keep track of things from the very begining!*

So I have taken several more tests which also have shown positive :) Again VERY faint line on the right this time and then on the left (weird how they are lighter in the morning then in the evening!)

Daddy is starting to believe me now heh heh...he said to me the cutest thing last night though...

"I don't want you to think I am not excited because I am very is just hard for me to believe!" Awwww...hopefully the doc appointment will make it a little more real for him.

I feel like I have a bad hangover...super tired, lots of dull annoying headaches, and tummy pulling and cramps occasionally. No sickness (yet! and let's hope it doesn't show as was miserable when I was preggers with Gabby!) but some waves of nausea.

I made first appointment and it is not until August 13th! I should be around 8 weeks or so by then so I am hoping to get an ultrasound. I have been quite irregular since we started trying so will make sure to emphasize this to the doctor!

Overall we are both so excited still and so in disbelief! We have already started vetoing all of each other's name picks so that ought to be a fun 9 month battle ;)

Well got home from work after craving cheese like I had been the first to discover the stuff...decided to take the digital test...

Nope no denying that one!!!

So here is my 1st month belly bump picture as well approx 5 weeks

Tuesday, July 7, 2009

My eggo is preggo!!!

So I took a home test this morning and VOILA two gorgeous blue lines...of course the one stating I had actually been fertilized was VERY faint but it was there nonetheless! Squint hard it is on the left side beneath the little circles...

I then took another pink dye test later in the evening and again 2 lines!!! This time the positive line is on the right ;)

I decided to take pics of the positive tests then have Daddy look at the pics on the camera...told him to look at the pics from the 4th of July that were on there...had him scroll through until he came to the preggo test pics...I of course had to point out the 2 lines, he just smiled and raised his eyebrows at me in disbelief...he was very happy but still wasn't believing without more positives (such a skeptic!)

He told me not to tell anyone until the doctor visit confirmed and we heard heartbeat for those that know me I am AWFUL at keeping secrets...I of course let various online communities know since well they don't "really" know me or our families etc haha! I also told a couple close friends and he told one of his close friends...but the rest of family and friends will have to wait!

Monday, July 6, 2009

Eye opening photos

Don't you just love that moment you see photos of yourself that make you so horrified you feel sick? I have seen way too many of these lately and they only motivate me that YES I need to keep on my running program! ACK

Wednesday, July 1, 2009

July 1st Already!

Just some general updates...really want to post more pics on here as well but let's just get the regular posting underway first ;) Updates are as follows:
  • Gabby is back home and already bored with summer, please let the new pool at apartment open SOON so she does not drive Gareth nutty!
  • I started the couch to 5k program but only on week 2 thus far and don't dare jog outside yet for fear of tripping over a sidewalk crack
  • We are on our 3rd cycle trying to make a spawn ;) Would be nice to fall preggo before garage sale season is done!
  • I plan to go this month to hopefully get funding through No Worker Left Behind so that I can learn a new job skill!
  • Job Skill/schooling I hope to pursue will be Occupational Therapist Assistant
  • Still a bit bitter my Bachelors in Psych is pretty worthless

Looking forward to having Friday off of work and hitting the local annual art fair and also the dog beach with Bruno and the fam if weather is nice! Also looking forward to a 4th BBQ and of course for Gareth to see his first American 4th of July Firework show!