Friday, June 11, 2010


This was one of those weeks where Friday certainly has not come fast enough! Lainey has not slept the best this week and then last night I learned a huge not nurse in the dark! Didn't realize she was latched on wrong until damage was done...woke with huge bruise right next to the nipple this morning: FREAKING OW! I know people have been through much worse but dang bruises in that area are no joke!

I need to do Lainey's 3 month photo shoot tonight (well my version of a photo shoot haha) and also work on re-painting the trim in bathroom. Bathroom is almost done and cannot wait to post finished pictures! So far I am leaning towards this shower curtain

I plan to look at Target and Tj Maxx this weekend though as well since I am having a hard time paying $38 bucks for a shower curtain LOL. Yeah I am cheap I admit it!

Tomorrow is also the start of Week in the Life scrapbook project I am taking on! Very excited to shop for supplies tomorrow and fingers crossed I can find what I need so I don't have to wait for an online order to arrive :)

Check in tomorrow evening for my first day of pictures!

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