Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Week in the Life-Monday

Ok this is getting harder! Especially on days where we don't do anything and I am stuck at work all day! There is only so many pics I feel comfortable taking at work LOL Think I will leave the camera with Bear today and let him snap pics of the days events. Will be neat to see what he takes pics of as well! Woke with a headache since we stayed up too late. ACK. Here we go....and I only took like 39 pics total! After deleting a bunch sure didn't leave me with barely any decent shots!
Daily Collage
Daily wallets (not many!)

Daily Opener

Pic of the Day

building where I work Monday-Friday...sigh

What we did:
  • I went to work 7:30 to 4:00
  • Gabby played with her friends
  • Gareth and Lainey did some dishes and hung out
  • Made dinner when I got home which I did not like (I have a hard time eating chicken when I have to make it myself unless it is IN casseroles and such dunno why I am weird)
  • took a nap with Lainey
What we ate:
  • I came home and basically binged today as I was really sleepy and hungry....not lots of food but just bites of lots of food! Need to start having a cup of tea or something when I get home to help tie me over until dinner is done! Anyway made some chicken breasts in the oven with bbq sauce but I just didn't like the taste. Served up healthy baked fries with it haha....

What we watched:
  • First 3 episodes of season one of True Blood (If I hadn't read the books I don't think I could get into the show as a bit too many creepy vampires, call me naive but I like my Twilight vamps better haha!)
  • Again high was around 70 to 72 and sunny but hazy
Hopefully will have lots more pics to choose from each day for rest of the week! This project can be hard if you don't go out and do stuff on a daily basis LOL!

At work and Realized that not only do I not match at all today (at least 3 shades of brown and then black shoes LOL) but I also forgot to take anything for my headache I woke with and also forgot to put breast pads in my bra today….might be interesting! Will def make sure to get in and pump before it gets messy! I did bring my Canon Sx10is to play with a bit I really need to learn to use that thing off of auto mode anyway! Left the little point and shoot sony with Bear so hopefully between the two of us we get over 100 pics today to choose from :)

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  1. Good job, day 3 already! It will be different for you since you work, but having G. take some pics for you would help, especially if you wanna track what the kids do in their days...

    (And as for printing, I thought the same thing, that it would cost 40-50$, but if you order them online it would be much cheaper, they have 8X10s for 1.09$, I think...scrapbookpictures.com. I think that's the route I'm going.)