Friday, October 30, 2009

Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Got the keys!

We are so thrilled to start moving stuff over starting tonight! Official move in date is Halloween morning but we hope to have bulk of stuff over there minus the furniture before then! Wish it was ours for keeps but it will at least do us good and be a place to call home for next 3 or so years :)

That is the muffin posing on the front stoop :)

Monday, October 19, 2009

Gro Baby Diaper Soaker System

Gro Baby Bio-Soakers
Have you heard about the new Gro Baby Bio Soakers?
They are made by The Natural Baby Co. and are meant to be used with the Gro Baby shells that you already have.
The Bio Soaker Pads are:
Biodegradable & Compostable
Breathable & Hypo-Allergenic
Fragrance & Dye Free
Plastic Free
Chlorine Free

The soakers have a sticky spot on the back of them so they just stick inside your shell! These would be great for traveling on long trips or just for short trips to the store!

You can buy the Bio Soakers here. They are 19.99 for 50 soakers.If you haven't heard about the Gro Baby diapering system yet, they are a one size diaper that consist of an outer shell and then snap-in soakers. Very cool indeed for those that want to step into cloth diapering but are a bit scared or grossed out by the prospect ;)
Here is how they work!

Gro Baby is having a promotion on their Facebook site that if you blog about the new soakers, they will send you a Bio Soaker intro if everything goes well, I will be getting one for free! Check out their facebook site and blog about this for yourself! Don't forget to also become their fan on facebook!

Saturday, October 17, 2009

2009 Orchard Trip

We had an excellent time at the orchards this year! It was me and the muffins 2nd time going and Bear’s first! We got a bit cold from time to time but overall it was perfect weather to enjoy the apple picking, corn maze, pumpkin choosing, and of course getting yummy nummy treats from the shop there (chocolate fudge for them and pumpkin fudge for me! Apple and Pumpkin donuts too!).

Wednesday, October 14, 2009

It's a..............Baby

Yup Gummi was moving around way too much to even try to sneak a peek at the goods! Darn. The tech said it was too early still too (which I know is hogwash since I know ladies that have found out even before 17 weeks!). I just hope and pray we still get an ultrasound at 20 to 22 weeks now! The tech did seem to get some good images of heart, kidneys, bladder, stomach, brain, and femur though so who knows what the doc will say. I just know I am dying to know the sex! Oh well a surprise would be super fun it is just the HUGE name debate since we cannot decide on a boy name whatsoever and we have kind of given up at this point since we don't know if it is even worth worrying about if it's a girl LOL! So the wait is on.....And here is Gummi approx 17 weeks 4 days.

Best 3D shot the tech could manage of profile
Back of head and spine

Side profile of head with hand up by face

Scary predator type shot of face looking right at us

Side profile of the big ole' head and tummy :)

That is a hand with fingers sticking up to the right

Another half frontal shot of face

Foot on left

Gummi kept looking like s(he) was doing crunches bringing knees to face LOL! Here is a shot of that in motion.

All in all was a big relief to see Gummi moving around quite happily especially since I am not feeling much movement yet. The tech also assured me that Gummi was sitting quite high for the age. Was sitting right behind belly button if not a little higher up. Heart rate was at 135 today which dropped from 150 a couple weeks ago! Online heart rate predictors keep telling me boy so we shall see.............

Monday, October 12, 2009

ULTRASOUND scheduled!

YAYYYY so I am super excited since I will be getting an ultrasound done this Wednesday morning! I went into doc’s office this morning since I am having a beyond normal amount of upper rib achy-ness and tailbone pain for this early in pregnancy….my doc was gone today so saw a nurse that does referrals and such…

Doc had mentioned last week it could be gall stones so def keep him notified…I let her know this but said it was not a pain so to speak and not heartburn either but more of an ache like after you have done too many sit ups…or like I have been sitting slouched over all day long. Then the tailbone pain is just crazy…I have to shift hips constantly! She assured me that she thinks the baby is just sitting really high so we are getting an ultrasound done to make sure that is the case (and if so I am pretty much screwed since nothing they can do for that!).

She is also having me go to another OB on October 23rd to get some sort of manipulation done so that the baby is not on a nerve (which is causing the tailbone pain this early on).

Needless to say I am SO stinking excited to get a peek at Gummi and know everything is ok….and to maybe just maybe get a peek at the goods to see if we have a hamburger or hotdog! J

Friday, October 9, 2009

1 more Month

Yup one more month until we hopefully find out the sex of Gummi Bear! Was so hoping doc would squeeze our ultrasound in this month but nope :(

Doc prefers between 20 and 22 weeks he said so that we get most accurate read on heart and spine etc....understandable but dang it I wanna knowwwwww!

At least this month should fly by with us moving (hoping for keys next week!).

So next doc appointment is November 5th where we will find out results of the Quad Screening test and then doc said ultrasound will be scheduled for the following week. Cannot wait!!!!

Hoping for dry weather tomorrow as we plan to go to the orchards.....fingers crossed!

Wednesday, October 7, 2009

Does anyone know?

How I could have all the blogs I follow linked on my blog? I am pretty sure I have to enter them all in like I did with faves right? What a pain in the ass.....someone please tell me there is an ap of sorts that I missed somewhere that will auto list them.....please....

Monday, October 5, 2009

Craft Cave find on Craigslist YAY!

Oh craigslist how I love thee! Today's score was this beauty for $35 bucks! Anyone that knows scrapbooking supplies and such should know that is a great deal! Each slot measures 16x12 inches so hoping my 12x12 paper fits nicely! If not I am sure I will manage to store other stuff in it ;) The glass is not in it though so they must have taken pic before they removed that. I am sooo ready to get into our new place and start setting up my craft cave :D

Friday, October 2, 2009

Chicken and Diapers

Wanted to share this recipe real quick I did the other night in the crockpot that I was quite pleased with!!! It is called Crockpot Fried Chicken from Crockpot 365 blog. I added prob a lot more of each seasoning it called for and prob dumped more butter over top but it was pretty dang tasty that way haha ;) I plan to do all our chicken with skin and bone this way (I buy from a monthly food co-op and the chicken is never boneless skinless like I prefer). It falls off the bone when it is done so it is great by itself or to then turn into chicken used for casseroles or other recipes that call for chicken!

Now for the nothing to do with chicken it is just the randomness of my brain ;)
I see an addiction to buying cloth diapers begining within me....I had this with Gymboree clothing for Gabby when she was a toddler....luckily cloth diapers are cheaper and better for the environment then the Gymbo addiction haha. I have bought 6 so far of different kinds and styles and I know once I know the sex of Gummi Bear it is gonna really set me off!!!! YAY!

Thursday, October 1, 2009

October already!

Cannot believe it is October already wowsa!!! So excited for all upcoming in this month though!
  1. MOVING!
  2. Orchard visit for pumpkins and apples
  3. MOVING!
  4. Hopefully getting ultrasound scheduled to find out what bits Gummi Bear has!
  5. MOVING!
  6. Boo at the Zoo
  7. MOVING!!!!!!!

Ok so obviously moving kind of has me excited heh heh ;) It is going to be sooo nice to have a basement and a yard I cannot even stand it! I dream about the laundry area and having a laundry line up outside in the spring (sad aye?). Excited to set up Gabby's new room and the baby's room too!

Other than this excitement I have been feeling better but not 100% since now I have the great bronchial junk blech. Called doc today so will wait and see if I can take something a bit better over the counter or if they want me to come in first to get it checked out. I am due to go next week for my 16/17 week check up anyway but not sure I want to let this go another week as it is getting pretty nasty!

Had an interview yesterday that had me shaking like a leaf afterwards! I think I did pretty good but I also am well aware just how competitive it will be with the state of the job market around here. I am going by the whole "if it is meant to be it will be" motto! Should hear within a week or two they said....I would however be heartbroken to leave current work place as adore everyone I work with and you could really never pick a better more relaxed place to work! Sadly I need to be smart and try to advance more at this time in my life so that is what I am attempting.

Bear may start some college courses but he only wants to do online. Going to see about maybe getting him funding and then he may do all the courses to get Microsoft certified and such :) I would be sooo proud of him! Plus I told him if he can get it paid for it would be silly not to take advantage and get some sort of certification or degree!