Thursday, July 22, 2010

One of those Updates

Let’s see a weekly update…not much happening overall the usual work routine of course. Miss Lainey has started “talking” loads more and is also on the move! She is not even 5 months so this is way too fast for this mama. We are not 100% sure if we will have a 3rd child or not so I am not anxious for the usual milestones as want to keep Lainey my sweet little infant!

I put in an application/resume for a state job so that is an exciting prospect. Thing is it is an open pool and statewide (meaning no idea if they are even hiring in the county I want to work in) and then prior state employees or those laid off from state jobs have priority…lame. But never say never as it could just happen! Once we get back from England I plan to be a lot more proactive in the looking for growth though as we can definitely use a bit more money to live on!

A funny thing that happened last night….I was trying on pants to see if I had any other clothes suitable for work at this time (I don’t by the way) and was frustrated that if I was at my pre-pregnancy weight then why in the world were pants not fitting that I wore into my first couple months of pregnancy?! Well I busted out the Belly Journal I kept while pregnant and found out that I have another 10 pounds to lose before I am at my official pre-pregnancy weight! Ohhhhhh it all makes sense now hahaha! So although it sucks I have 10 more to go until I am at my (overweight) pre-pregnancy weight at least I now understand why those pants aren’t quite fitting comfortably yet LOL. I am doing good though and should def be down these 10 pounds (and hopefully a few more!) by time we head to England.

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