Sunday, July 25, 2010


OMG I am in paper trimming HELL..................this is a project with a major learning curve...already have learned that if I manage to commit again to this next year it will be a MUCH simpler layout then what I did this time around (and believe me the whole thing isn't looking intricate by any means just lots of trimming paper to fit different sized pockets that is getting me all in a tizzy!).

That is all....hopefully pictures to come tonight or tomorrow

Edited to add pics of progress....This is my progress I have done for every day of the week (except the 4 collage pics that are still missing due to lack of funds to order right now)
Ok so I am obviously lacking journaling(going in the little rectangle pockets) still but what the heck can I put in some of those other pockets where I have patterned paper? I could try to find a couple pics I suppose do they look that awful just with the patterned paper in them? I think they look a bit empty....a couple of the days I was lucky enough to have a receipt to tuck into one of the pockets. I was also thinking I could maybe print out some headlines that happened on each day.....


  1. Hey, this looks really good so far, love the papers you chose! I also have some pockets that are empty and have only PP in them, I was just going to leave them, or maybe add a quote about life (or some other crap like that) in transparancy on top, not sure yet (I'll probably leave it, I just want the thing to be done, ha!) I have the pics of mine taken, just need to blog it!

  2. I know isn't it awful when we just want to get it done any way we can? haha....I know I will be pleased with it when it is finished but man oh man what a project haha! After this is done I need to go back to my project life and catch that up and also my older daughter's school kit! So no more mini projects until prob next year LMAO!