Saturday, July 10, 2010

Getting things Done!

So far on this scorching, summery, Saturday morning....

  • diapers went through 3rd wash cycle (changing detergents) and are now in dryer (really need a clothing line!)
  • all pics made into mini collages to get wallets printed for WITL album
  • pics chosen for my Project Life album for May and June (I am WAY behind on that project as well go figure!)
  • all pics loaded onto snapfish to take advantage of their awesome deals and get 149 prints done for $1.49 plus shipping woot woot! (still need to get collages done and may add those into snapfish order as well just so I get them ALL back and have no excuses to finish album!)
  • various internet surfing
  • played with the girls and trying to figure out what we can do today if anything (thinking a walk to a park after dinner when it is hopefully a tiny bit cooler)
Hoping to do later or tomorrow
  • get final couple of frames hung on living room wall
  • clean up some piles around here (where do they come from!? we ALWAYS have piles of stuff in various locations drives me nuts yet I am a main contributor!)
  • SCRAPBOOK I want to actually do some layouts for Lainey this weekend!
  • and will do some laundry cause well... there is no escaping that


  1. You'll have to let me know how the snapfish pics turn out, my collages SUCKED, they were way too dark, but I'm still going to use them, I just want this album done at this point! (It's funny, right as I was reading this I was printing off my last journaling cards, we're working on them at the same time!)

    Good on ya for getting so much done :)

    (Oh and PS-I'm washing diapers too at this very moment. Gonna hang the FB shells inside and put the rest in the dryer, it's way too humid out for the clothelines today!)

  2. Man, all of that made me tired! lol
    Now following you