Saturday, July 3, 2010

Lovin Summer Fresh Produce

Hit up the farmers market this morning (wish I had my camera with but seems when you are working on a baby's schedule you get in and out of the house as fast as possible!) and walked away with fresh home grown sweet corn on the cob, lettuce, tomatoes, blueberries, and cucumbers. I then went to Meijer and got fresh strawberries, watermelon, and plums! Now the trick is utilizing all this fresh goodness before it spoils!

I already cut up one container of strawberries and added loads of sugar to make a homemade sauce to go over warm biscuits tonight :) The other melons I will chop up and have for us 3 adults to chow on (Muffin won't touch fruits or veggies sigh) and then of course have to bring to work all week along with the plums!

Tonight and tomorrow we are grilling out sausages and burgers to have with our fresh fruits and veggies and also whipped up a quickie boxed pasta salad and bought some pre-made potato salad (LOVE).

I am also proud to admit I have actually started to play with my canon a bit more and put it into manual mode (gasp!) and was messing with it....I need to read the book and go online as well as I have no idea how to brighten up my pics?! There is a dial that changes it from like a decimal to 1/2500 and I have NO clue what that does and seemed to make a difference when I messed with it but not enough....can you tell I am clueless about photography? haha....ahh but as I just sat here and messed with it I noticed that this DOES make a difference and the lower the brighter.....ahhhh I learned something kinda......

I am going to get off here though and stop my blabbing about food and my very amateur photography attempts and try to get some paper cut up for my WITL album!

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