Friday, July 30, 2010

Someone kick me

I NEED to get into a masters program....I know this. It will benefit me greatly in my career but the thing is I REALLY don't want to spend loads of time away from my family! I need to find an online one but not one that I need to do loads of crap to get into (that will just make me lose focus right there from the start LOL).

My boss told me this morning they are most likely going to use me to carry a caseload....this is usually what only people with masters degrees get to do! So it is a great challenge and great experience and if I would just get that magical degree I would be first choice (hopefully) for the position when they were allowed to hire for it (state job).

I NEED to just DO this already! Maybe if I apply to start next spring or summer that will help get my mind wrapped around it huh? ughhhh Don't get me wrong I love learning new things and am excited by the prospect of furthering my education...BUT I am not excited about deadlines and long papers haha.....

So give me a kick and if you happen to know of an "easy" masters program available online in counseling or social work let me know :)

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