Saturday, July 10, 2010

Fire Hoses

A classic bedtime talk I had with Gabby...

Gabby: Do men always sleep naked with their fire hoses out ,that'swhat I call em firehoses
Me: not all men but lots of men do
Gabby: ew....(deep in thought) doesnt it tickle u?
Me: what do u mean?
Gabby: You know when u are sleeping close, doesnt it tickle?
Me: we dont sleep close, we sleep on our own sides of the bed
Gabby: Is there a force field between u?
Me: no
Gabby: well is there a wall? People who care about each other sleep close
Me: not when it's this hot outside
Gabby: oh,ok


  1. Oh my word, that's funny :) You wonder where they get this stuff! PS-Good answer, I want Dan as far away from me as possible when it's hot out too! lol

  2. Oh, dear! They do say some funny stuff, don't they?!