Friday, July 16, 2010

4 Months

A little belated since you officially turned 4 months on the 10th but I am sure you will forgive me ;)

at 4 months you....

  • keep changing up your bedtime ritual...some nights you love nursing on mama then fall asleep and we put you right into crib...other nights you want mama but also a bottle of mamas milk...and other nights you think it is party happy flail your chubby limbs around time until midnight! Of course toss in some nights where you are super cranky and we have to try all of the above to finally get you to sleep
  • you are wearing a mixture of sizes but mostly the 3 to 6 month stuff with very few 0 to 3 month stuff fitting
  • you are now rolling not only from back to tummy but also just started tummy to back 
  • you can scoot! you push off your toes and are starting to pull with your arms more and more moving yourself around (not sure you know what direction yet but you are def moving!)
  • sleeping on your side or belly now most nights even though we start you on your back
  • still only consuming mama milk and seem to be thriving just fine (see below pic for proof)

  • your fave toys include your skwish ball, owl that vibrates when pulled, a little owl that came on your bouncer,and a baby einstein toy that lights up and plays several classical songs

  • smiling like crazy but still not really laughing yet

  • starting to "talk" more 

  • And your blue twinkling eyes and gummy smiles mesmerize us more and more each day! 

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