Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Weekly Menu

Monday-BLT's along with some fresh cut up melon and plums

Tuesday-Quickie Enchiladas (frozen burritos;we use bean and cheese with red and green enchilada sauces poured over top and baked with additional cheese on them)

Wednesday-Japanese Chicken Curry and brown rice

Thursday-homemade Lasagna and garlic toast  chili dogs and french fries(too hot to make up lasagna need something that is quick!)

Friday- BernieO's pizza as our friend is treating us before he flies home Saturday

Saturday-thinking Chicken Tikka and rice

Sunday-chili dogs

We have a fridge full of fresh fruit so that will serve as side dishes as needed or dessert!


  1. Your quickie enchilada idea is so interesting! We need to try it!

  2. Shannon it is so easy and so good let me tell ya! Seriously I buy the pack of 8 frozen cheap burritos, lay in casserole dish, dump a couple cans of enchilada sauce over top (used to do just the red but now we have decided we like to mix it up and use both red and green), put some shredded cheese on top and bake about 30 mins until cheese is melty and burritos are done through!