Sunday, July 18, 2010

Menu Monday

Yes it is Sunday but out net is going in and out LOTS so decided to post this while I could!

Almost all these recipes I have stolen borrowed from Shannon! Thanks Shannon!!!

Saturday- Going to a friends house so will prob cookout/potluck We stayed home had Sundays meal so now that throws the whole week off but that is ok because at least we know what we can have other nights, tossing in a night with chili dogs and french fries to make up for it :)

Sunday-Steak on the grill, baked potatoes, corn on the cob(from Farmers Market)(I will do lots of food prep so less work during the week, this leaves more time for family walks each night)

Monday- Homemade mac n cheese with polish sausages(made on the grill yesterday yum)

Tuesday-Savory Chicken Rollups

Wednesday- Homemade Taco Bell Mexican Pizzas

Thursday- Japanese curry (I add bits of potato,onion and carrot to the sauce) over brown rice(I skip the stovetop step though and just pour water from my electric kettle and it works perfect!) served with some tyson chicken strips mixed in (our fave could eat this every week and we just might for awhile!)

Friday- Homemade Buffalo Wing Pizza (another fave I made up, recipe below)

Steph's Homemade Buffalo Wing Pizza
1 tube pilsbury thin pizza crust
ranch dressing
pre-baked tyson chicken strips (I like ones that are the crispy style or country style the best)
Franks Hot Sauce (recently bought some offbrand from dollar store though and it tastes just the same!)

  1. Prebake crust for 5 to 10 mins just so it is almost done but not all the way done
  2. Spread chopped up bits of the chicken and celery on crust
  3. Squirt some hot sauce all over it (don't overdo it as each person can always add more later)
  4. Mozzarella it up!
  5. Dash of extra hot sauce
  6. Bake until all melty and crust is done
  7. Take out Squirt ranch dressing on top and serve!


  1. How did the mac n cheese turn out? We loved it but it sure was labor intensive!!!

  2. well our flour had those dang meal worms in it (YUCK) so just kinda made it up and tossed all in...kinda ended up with a gritty texture not sure if that was from the egg or too much salt or what haha...overall tasted good though it def won't go to waste ;)