Thursday, July 15, 2010

Stuck in Humidity Hell

I am usually a lover of summer....maybe it is this extra 50 pounds I have on my body making me loathe it so much this year? And why is it the summer I have the extra 50 on me happens to be one of our hottest on record especially humidity wise?! Let's just say it has kicked me in gear to really track what I eat and be accountable!

Not only are we sweaty constantly and sleeping is not going well for any of us, but it has also awakened a lovely aroma from the basement that previous renters cats so thoughtfully left behind! Effing sick. We steam cleaned the carpet before moving in but the house didn't even have a hint of the cat piss smell until this humidity struck...UGHHHH. And there is no telling where it is even mainly coming from so how would I even treat it?! I mean our basement is full so not like we can go scrubbing all over since we have too much stuff down there including my craft area! Once we are down there and have candles going it is not bad at all but if you head toward the steps while on the main floor you definitley get the slam in your face scent. YUCK.

Now onto sleeping.....we have fans but those are just not doing the trick. We have no extra money to get small air conditioning units so we have to suffer through. Gabby is now downstairs on a spare single mattress we have squeezed into Lainey's room (Gabby's room is on top floor and is now a certifiable sauna!) for her to sleep on....this means putting Lainey to sleep and risk Gabby deciding it would be fun to play with her! Because of this and the heat as well Lainey has thought midnight is a good bedtime this week....not when mama has to get up at 5:30am every morning for work!

Bear has been having lots of stress due to not only the heat but then also his brother was admitted to the hospital for a brst appendix! While they were operating he then had an asthma attack! It took him over 3 days before he could breathe on his own without a life support machine of sorts. There is other family drama going on too but nothing I could dare write about. Then Gareth finds out today one of his older friends from his old job died, he is beside himself that he never sent her and her husband pictures of Lainey like she had asked to see in her last letter he received from her :(

I just have to make it through tomorrow and then I will hopefully get more sleep this weekend and more crafting time (yes in my pissy basement haha).

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  1. Humidity just draws the life out of you, huh? Sorry there's a lot going on for you. Hope it's cooler soon!