Monday, July 5, 2010

Small Progress

These took FOREVER.... and are far from perfect! The square outline does not go around each one nicely so I plan to take some ink and distress around the edges of them all....I know I am going to love this album when it's done but gosh I feel like it will time to start the next one before this gets close to being finished!

Really need to order pics as well but with no money to spare that makes it kinda difficult. 

I have however been doing some organizing and am sorting through my closet area which also houses Gabby's clothes she has grown out of that I will keep for Lainey.....let's say Lainey is gonna be hooked up come age 4 or 5 haha! Don't really have anything smaller than that as I had given it to my niece. I also need to now take on daunting task of trying on all my pants and jeans to guage at what weight I may be able to fit in them....sigh. 

I also really need to work on my attitude and get over the fact that we don't have spare money right now because of our upcoming trip to England. I am not excited at all. I am staying with my mother in law whom I met once and only for a few minutes....not to mention having an 8 year old and a baby in tow. I know it is my husbands family and he wants us to meet them and them us etc...but it is hard to not be bitter when ALL our spare money is going towards it and the fact I have such anxiety about the whole trip. :(  Oh and I lived there 3 years already so the excitement of it being England is lost on me LOL. Did I mention that the house we are staying in has been heavily smoked in for YEARS (mother in law is going to smoke outside while we are there but like that really matters when everything is going to smell like smoke already....UGH) and they only have a bathe which means 5 people sharing a bath to get ready (Have I mentioned I take 2 showers a day usually?!)....I know I am prob being a huge brat about all of this but no matter how much I try to change my thinking on it all I just cannot make that change happen! I keep telling myself all will be ok and such but yeah several more months of dread until it is done and over with! Don't take me wrong I DO want to meet Bear's family and have them meet us I just wish we could afford to stay at a hotel at least. I know that would make me loads more comfortable. It will only be 2 weeks of my life I keep saying......

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  1. I am so sorry you wont be closer to us, otherwise I would provide ample In-Laws relief! I can't imagine staying 2 weeks with my in-laws *cringe* I hope it goes as smooth as possible!