Tuesday, September 7, 2010

To England We Go....Maybe

So we are due to go to England soon....as in a little over 2 weeks from now....what showed up in the mailbox Saturday on a holiday weekend? Oh a letter stating that I had to send a certified marriage certificate in order for my daughter to get her passport we applied for in July!!!!

Our infant daughter's had arrived already and we thought the older daughter's would arrive no problem since it was just a renewal....well we were wrong!

I went to to the county clerk's office and almost broke down in tears to them about it as they had looked it all over for us in the begining and stated all was good to go! Needless to say the woman felt awful and gave me a free certified copy saving me around 10 bucks....she said I was the first one that has had to that to her knowledge as majority of families are blended these days (with last names not matching etc...)...so off I marched to the post office to fork over 18 bucks to overnight it to the passport people.......now we sit with fingers crossed since the jerks that we called couldn't say if it would be here on time or not! :/

Fun stuff....and just when I was finally getting excited to be going!


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  8. That stinks! Hope things work out!

  9. England...how exciting! wow.

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  10. Oh wow! How crazy! We ran into a similar situation this past spring with my husband. He knew his passport was expiring but he didn't realize his green card expired at the same time (He is Danish). So we ended up running around like crazy trying to get all the different documents to all the different agencies only to have them call the next week, after we thought we had it squared away, and telling us they needed his birth certificate. You can imagine how much fun it was trying to get ahold of that!

    I hope everything works out for you guys. How exciting about going to England. I spent a few weeks there before I was married and LOVED it!