Wednesday, September 29, 2010


A great thing about baby led weaning/solids is the fact it makes dining out EASY PEASY! This is def not a lie it is soooo nice to go into almost any place to eat and find something that you can hand over to the baby to nibble on and keep them content! We were out at an Indian place in England and we happened to get cucumber on our plates so I figured why not?! Lainey again was content and happy licking and nibbling at her bit of sliced cucumber (of course sticks would be ideal but she did just find with the slice!) I also have a crinkle cutter at home which I will use to cut up some fruits and veggies for her with to give her extra grip.

Pros: Easy to prep in a variety of ways! Pretty much a clean food doesn't really require stripping baby down or a bib! Cucumbers prob feel great on soothing gums of teething babe! Great source of vitamins A,C, and K along with potassium (of course with the peel on makes it the most nutritious)
Cons: none!


  1. i know nothing about baby led weaning. is that bad?? tell me more!!

  2. Amy check out my link at top called Baby Led Solids I have loads of informative links! We are absolutely loving this "method" or whatever you wanna call it have to be super relaxed about it all though as in don't worry when you see little one gagging (completely normal even with purees!) I highly recommend the book as well to read along with links I share as it really makes more of it clear such as not falling ruts of nagging them about what to eat or not eat when they hit toddler age if they want carbs for 3 days then fruits for a week straight only etc...

  3. Lyric loves cucumber!!! Pretty much every time I have gone out lately my meal has had a slice or stick of cuke and Lyric gets it every time!! We've also tried carrot sticks and tortillas (success!) and bananas (hated them like her mama but we'll try them again!) and I'm going to try avocado today!