Friday, September 17, 2010

It's the Weekend!

Always a happy time for our family and I am sure for many others out there! I am trying to figure out what will be accomplished this weekend…cleaning is NOT on the list I am happy to report since the hubbster has vowed to clean Monday and Tuesday so that our home is clean before we travel (and so that we can come home to hopefully a clean house which is always a good feeling after travels!).

So that leaves me pretty free (besides being at the beck and call to Miss Lainey). Tonight I have to stop at the store on way home to pick up a few things (here’s hoping Meijer has glossy accents that can hop into my cart as I am dying to play with that stuff!). Then hubbster and I have plans to catch up on the show The Gates (think we are just 2 episodes behind).

Saturday morning Gabby and I are heading out to a couple stores to get some travel needs and then I have the rest of the day (to craft?! Here’s hoping!) then I am volunteering to work at the local Irish Festival with one of my besties.

Sunday will be crafting and the starting of packing! Feels so surreal that we are going to be in England next week! Should be a nice vacation hopefulllyyyyyy…..

So here’s to having some goodies to show you all Sunday after hopefully a successful crafting weekend! I know there are for sure a couple challenges I want to enter!

Stay tuned and toodle loo….

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