Friday, September 10, 2010

6 months!? Happy 1/2 Birthday to our Lainey Bear Cub

Cannot believe it...I know I say that every month but it seems each month comes quicker than the last!
  • You are "talking" soooo much! Especially from 2am least you aren't fussing but we sure would rather you would sleep through the night again!
  • still not crawling but you can get around a room QUICKLY! You do various moves to get where you want to go (rolling, launching, half crawling, etc..)
  • You seem to be enjoying our slow start into Baby led solids! I think it is even more fun for mommy and daddy ;)
  • You are wearing mostly 6 to 9 month clothes 
  • Mommy loves the times when daddy changes you then brings you into me to nurse in bed in the mornings on the weekends
  • You have your first passport! Leaving for England this month to meet Nana England and rest of the fam!
  • You thoroughly enjoy teething on the dogs legs....Bruno pretty much tolerates it but will get up and move after a little while

gosh you are gorgeous baby girl!