Monday, September 6, 2010

Scrappy Sunday on Monday!

Since it was Labor Day today I got to scrap a little bit yesterday and also a bit more today YAHOO! I am almost all caught up on Gabby's Becky Higgins school scrapbook which feels great! I need to track down her big pics from last two school years and also print off some pics for the pages but otherwise it is ready to go and will now add stuff as the school year goes on each year! One thing is there is NO WAY all years are going to fit into one album so I am going to attempt to have one for elementary and then one for middle and highschool but may need to end up doing a third and have highschool on it's own as well....time will tell.

Enough rambling here is what I did manage to get done this weekend....
a quick card made with create a critter

Halloween page first year in England Gabby was 3
Gabby age 3

Gabby age 3 or 4 (need to look up and see when pics were taken).I think this one needs a few more of those design things added to it....

playgroup/preschool in England intro page (age 3)

preschool/reception in England intro page (age 4)

kindy (age 5) intro page

a random page from first grade....still working on first and second grade pages. Each grade also has a really cool pocket page that holds LOADS of papers,art work, certificates etc...that I save from each school year. Cannot say enough how much I LOVE this kit! 


  1. How cool is that! Love it! Now I am off to find this kit you speak of, I need to start immediately! :) Andrea

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