Thursday, September 16, 2010

How do you find your balance?

I am really trying to find the balance know the one that allows me to be a full time working out of the home mama who also prepares great healthy meals, makes amazing crafts and scrapbooks, matches up coupons with sales to get the best deals, blogs, enters giveaways, cleans, nurses the 6 month old, spends quality time with the 8 year old, spends quality time with the hubby, and still has a little time leftover to watch some favorite shows!

So give me some tips here people cause as of right now I am not feeling like I have it down at ALL....I will say it seems to be getting better as I get more rest but wowsa....

P.S. we leave for England in one week!


  1. I will definitely be checking back for comments on this one, because I'm still strugglin to find that balance too! LOL

  2. that is just too funny! got your comment on my post! I am also leaving on vacay. tomorrow night to visit family, and in 1 week to mexico.
    i'd say your on top of the game. you've got more balancing than I do. I only have one child and i stay at home. i'll also be checking back to see the responses!

  3. I wish I could give some fool-proof tips, but I don't know that such ideal balance truly exists! I always feel like there is always going to be one thing that gets neglected and for me, as long as it isn't my son or my husband, I'm good. The house has not been anywhere near the level of cleanliness I want it to be and it drives me a little batty, but I figure there are worse things than a messy house.
    That being said, normally I have a weekly cleaning schedule. I planned to do one thing a day M-F so that way I didn't feel like I was constantly cleaning. When it's followed, it works great, but we have gotten a little lax on it the past few weeks.
    Good luck! I'll check back and look for more tips! And have a great trip!

  4. I guess I would say concentrate on the girls and G and the rest will wait! When the girls are grown up they will not be thinking of if the house was clean they will remember the fun time you and G spent with them!