Sunday, September 26, 2010


Miss Lainey like a lot of 6 month olds is teething so anything cool on the gums makes for good munching! I gave Lainey some raw wedged apple while we ate dinner the other night and boy did she tuck in! Gnawing away and just cooing happily as she did so. What I forgot is that apples can leave nasty brown stains! (I am behind on the book and read the bit about the apples leaving stains AFTER the fact of course haha!). But minus the staining incident Lainey really truly enjoyed her first tastes of an apple and now we cannot wait to bring her on our annual orchard trip to pick apples and pumpkins :D
Pros: Super easy to prepare and can be prepped in a bazillion ways! High in fiber and vitamin C

Cons: they stain! Other than that no real cons that I could think of!

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