Sunday, September 19, 2010

Bananas first attempt

Well Miss Lainey was not sure what to think of banana....she wasn't very hungry though and we were not sitting as a family eating (which I think is truly a key step to baby led solids!) So here is take one of bananas
I left peel on at first to make it easier for her to hold...she just kept sucking on peel though LOL

then we gave it a whirl without peel and she held on just fine!

just didn't seem too keen overall but she did keep licking at it so we will try again perhaps tonight!

Pros: Super easy to prep! Can be given with lots of other foods to make some great tasting blends, great texture for a first food, good source of fiber, good source of potassium, both helps with constipation and also for the runs! Magical!

Cons:none really except she didn't seem a fan on first try....


  1. Victor isn't much of a fan of bananas either so far, he'll take it mushed up with a bit of water, but eating a full one like that, not so much...I think it really does depend on what time you feed them and how hungry they are (which is tough when you bf 'cause that's the main source of nourishment...) Anyway, good luck with trying again!

  2. hey Lady! I have a blog award for you!


    ps: such cute pics in this post!