Sunday, August 30, 2009

Random Owlness

Ok so Ashley totally reminded she wanted to see my notorious owl lamp by posting a pic of her cutely re-painted kitchen where I spied an adorable owl clock! So here is my ode to my special owl pieces I have thus far....

My macrame owl hanging I had to buy off of ebay in honor of one almost identical my mom had hanging in our hallway when I was growing up.

Some other owly stuff I have include this adorable card my sis got me (I am gonna frame it) and then this super cool owl teapot with 6 cups my friend Jennifer got us for one of our wedding presents!

and the piece de resita'nce the owl lamp...first the state of it when I purchased it for $3 bucks and then in our room after I painted it solid white and put a new shade on has now been moved to my office at work as the hubby said he refused to sleep in a room with it LOL


  1. GAH!!!!! I Love it all!!!!! It's so funny that a piece that your mom had kicked you off b/c My great-grandmother collected owls and it just became the family "thing" to do. That lamp is awesome tho.....

  2. ha! my hubby says the owl is awesome!