Wednesday, August 5, 2009

Grub o' The Week

Ok so it is Wednesday evening and I am totally stealing Shannon's idea to start menu planning and posting it here on my blog :) I figure the zofran has kicked in so why not become a bit more organized with menu planning. I mean shoot I have done it before and it truly makes cooking and life that much easier! So this week was a bit off of course due to me being sicker than sick and not wanting to deal with food so please disregard all the junk we ingested ;)

Monday: No idea what the husband ate and frankly I did not care

Tuesday:(Got meds and was feeling MUCH better) Baked up some ready meal bbq pork riblets we then put on hamburger buns ala McRib sandwich style along with salads

Wednesday: (Ready meal time again) salsibury steaks with mashed potatoes and salads(I even cut up cukes and tomatos wowsa!)

Thursday: Cream Cheese Crock Pot Chicken (first seen on Shannon's site) over whole wheat pasta and served with salad (what can I say I prefer cold veg over hot ones!)

Friday: Marinated steaks, salad, (wish I had potatoes) and prob some sort of rice

Saturday: Going to a grill your own pizza party

Sunday: (another recipe I am trying from Shannon) Chicken Crescent Roll Casserole made with the leftover chicken from Thursday, salad or maybe a hot veg!

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