Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Gotta love a non-queasy day!

Today is a good day so far…unlike yesterday; where I was heaving my guts up the last 10 to 15 minutes of work before driving home and pretty much eating, showering, then going to bed for the night!

But today like I said is a good day and I am actually hungry which is a nice change! I am however sleepy as heck but that is normal for me anyway :P I did go down to my car today and rested for 30 minutes with the windows down. Nothing better than breezes tickling through your hair as you rest…ahhhh could have stayed down there at least another hour or two haha! This will definitely be a daily thing for me now I reckon until the snow comes and makes me not want to venture through our arctic parking lot here at work (we are right across the street from a decent sized lake so in the winter the wind whips through and you feel as if you are at the North Pole!).

I thought it may be interesting to do a peek into what a preggo lady eats so as of today I will start putting in a daily blog documenting my intake…could become interesting haha!

Breakfast: bowl of honey nut cheerios
Snack: water and about 5 or 6 saltines with peanut butter (jif only thanks!)
Snack: small slim jim more water
Lunch: 1 slice of bread with pb and small bag of fritos more water(so happy I am able to guzzle it today as have missed it!)
Snack: diet dr pepper
Ok so then hunger hit me over the head like a brick! Rest of the day involved at least 3 more slim jims (hey they are the little mini size!) and then taco bell for dinner where I consumed 3 (yes 3 which was def 1 too many) crunchy tacos and a triple layer nacho along with a strawberry fruitista! OOPS! Tasted SOOOOO good though!

As you can tell I like my snacks and peanut butter J I think it is mainly because I haven’t been able to stomach many other sources of protein lately! I was eating green grapes a lot but had an incident on them yesterday so taking a break (today at least) from them!

Ooh in other news I approached the subject of the birds and the bees with my 7 year old daughter. Our favorite book so far was “What’s the Big Secret?” it was filled with cute cartoon pictures yet had all correct terms and even had a tiny section about masturbation!!! My daughter surprisingly didn’t make many comments or even ask any questions! Her main comment was “Now I know what boys look like peeing!” LOL. We also read “How you Were Born” but it was a bit boring for both of us. I thought for sure there would be some questions(lots more questions!) but maybe they will come while looking at some other books. I go to pick up 3 others I had the library get for us today.

OMG my boss made some sort of ramen up for lunch and now I MUST get some ramen at the store tonight LOL....gotta love the needs of pregnancy!


  1. Hope you keep feeling better!

    Oh and I refuse to eat anything but Jif too!

  2. JIF IS THE ONLY PEANUT BUTTER!!!! I have that shipped over!!! lol!!! :D I'm glad that you are feeling a bit better. and it think it's AWESOME you are having birds & bees talk with your Girl. x

  3. thanks ladies! Picked up 3 more books last night so will let u know what I think of those by end of the week if I keep feeling ok :)