Saturday, September 5, 2009

Another nausea wasted day

Blech...someone needs to tell Gummi that I entered the 2nd trimester today! Shall see how much longer before I feel normal (I am guessing not until after this baby arrives!).

Today was not completely wasted since I did manage to get myself showered late in the afternoon (mainly because I was jonesin for some fried chicken). We then went and got Lees Chicken (like KFC but better I think) for dinner then drove around the beach where we let Gabby play at the park and in the sand a bit.

I got nauseous so went to go back to the car to lay down and parked right next to us was a super trashed out mini this van sat two classic looking white trash people: missing teeth included. The guy in passenger seat grinned a toothless smile at me and asked if I liked tattoos....I replied sarcastically "no way I hate them" and trudged on over to passenger side of our car. He then says "we could give you one, here take our flyer". I politely declined but now am kicking myself for not grabbing their flyer LOL. Would have been nice to warn the world to NOT go to wherever their shop was (if they even had a shop as I am thinking the van prob WAS their shop).

We then get home and one of our gangsta type neighbors is out on his balcony...nice looking guy wearing some bling...he then says down to Bear...."Hey bro know where I can get some weed?" ummm sorry man no we do not. Oy Vey.....guess we are uncool tattooed people today since we A) do not jump at the chance to get a tattoo from anyone who offers and B) we do not know where to score some weed.

Today was also one of those days where I had to force myself to eat stuff or else I prob would not have eaten at all. This baby seems to make me want very little but then when I do want something that is the only thing I can tolerate even hearing about! So today my menu consisted of the following:
small bowl of fruit loops
take 5 candy bar
small apple
lots of V8 juice
glass of apple juice
plain tortilla chips
and then my only meal today really was dinner where I had the 2 piece chicken meal (one leg one thigh and mashed potatoes with gravy;Bear was nice enough to give me his potatoes too as I gave him my biscuit).

So all in all not horrid since I did get some veggie and fruit servings in at least! Gummi Bear makes me feel so much better when I eat constantly but it is sooo hard to do when barely anything sounds good!

Popped half a unisom to try and calm my self and tummy for the night as I hope to watch something with Bear before crashing in bed. Praying tomorrow and Monday I feel more normal. I also need to get that camera out and take some pics next two days as been slacking a bit.

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  1. I hear ya in the nausea department. I'm 16 weeks tomorrow and I threw up today and was really nauseous until about 10:30, it sucks!! I keep telling myself (and the baby) that it's the 2nd trimester, supposed to get better, but it doesn't seem to work.

    And yes to the not being able to eat either! Blech, all food except chips, haha. Umm, yeah...I figure at this point any food is better than no food, right?

    Thanks for checking out my blog, I'll be sure to check in and see how you are doing since we seem to be only 2 weeks apart!